Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear PM Netanyahu

Dear PM Netanyahu,

This afternoon, my son called me to say that a rocket exploded near his pre-IDF mechina/yeshiva, and that shrapnel landed only meters away from him and his friends as they walked away from the lunchroom..  No "color red" or air-raid siren sounded. 

Rockets are fired at him daily for the past 1 year he has been there.

Once upon a time, the State of Israel took near-misses very seriously, and considered each attack as if people had been killed or wounded. 

Why are you waiting?  We'll get Goldstoned no matter what our response is, and the world will condemn us -- so please act now.

Disproportionate Response is the only solution to return safety and security to the residents of the South.  Not crying to the world about "the Palestinians are shooting at us", but by proactively dealing a serious blow to the terrorist infrastructure which filled the vacuum of the notorious "Disengagement."

Along with the rest of Israel's southern residents, we await your reply -- and please direct the IDF to destroy our enemies.



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