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Day 4 of the Gaza War 17-Nov-2012

Day 4 of the Gaza War 17-Nov-2012
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11:50 PM Hamas claims they will have a "dramatic" announcement about Israel during their (ongoing) press conference now. Can hardly wait....

11:32 PM Palestinian sources report that the Gaza Islamic Jihad Commander of Rocket and Artillery, Yaamer Al-Hamari was killed by an IDF targeted air-strike.

11:25 PM I almost feel bad for the Gazans. Hamas internal propaganda tells their people they are "winning" the war....that they knocked down an Israeli F16, that they have bombed the Knesset in Jerusalem, that they have bombed 3 IDF bases....all lies, lies, lies. Reminds me of the same Arab lies from 1948 when during Israel's War of Independence, the Arabs announced they were winning, and the Jews were fleeing...

11:10 PM Before and After picture of the Hamas Parliament Building.

10:58 PM Jameel: The most powerful image in my head from this past Shabbat, was a friend getting an emergency call up message by cellphone in shul/synagogue on Friday night, going over to his father, giving him a hug, and then leaving quickly to the battle front.

10:56 PM In ongoing IAF airstrikes on Hamas terrorists and targets, another terrorist was killed this evening in a targeted, surgical strike in Gaza.

10:51 PM Impressive!  Much to Hamas' chagrin...
European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton Friday held Hamas responsible for the Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip that had so far left 40 Palestinians, including women and children, dead and more than 400 injured, most of them civilians.
Ashton also justified the Israeli airstrikes that started on Wednesday saying in a statement that Israel has the right to protect its population.
“The rocket attacks by Hamas and other factions in Gaza which began this current crisis are totally unacceptable for any government and must stop,” said Ashton. (Wafa)

10:48 PM Air Raid Sirens in southern edge of Gaza Strip surrounding communities.

10:42 PM Israel's Prime Minister's Office says there is no truth that Israel is involved in cease fire talks with Hamas.

10:35 PM Photo of Ultra Orthodox Jews helping a woman get away from a GRAD rocket strike. (source)

10:20 PM Unconfirmed: IAF strikes of Hamas leader in Rafiah, reports of 6 wounded.

10:08 PM Lots of reports going out that Israeli delegation on its way to Cairo for cease fire talks.

9:52 PM  Hamas holding 22 foreign nationals. Israel keeps Erez checkpoint open for foreigners to leave.

9:46 PM Just because a rocket is shot down doesn't mean the coast is clear. Shrapnel landing in Ashdod. It has caused damage to vehicles and property in Ofakim and other places. This is why people are told to stay in shelters for 10 minutes after sirens stop.

9:42 PM Sirens sounding in S'dot Negev, Sha'ar HaNegev and Eshkol

9:37 PM How much time do you have and what should you do in case of a rocket attack?

9:33 PM Schools remain closed zone 40km around Gaza.

9:15 PM 4 rockets shot down over Netivot and Ofakim.

9:07 PM Sirens now going off in Netivot and Ofakim.

8:57 PM From earlier today, Israeli Border Guards protect Palestinians with their own bodies during rocket attack.

8:38 PM From earlier today. IAF airstrikes on terror targets in Gaza.

8:37 PM Sirens sounding in Ashdod and Ashkelon, at least 2 rockets knocked down by Iron Dome. Update: 4 rockets.

8:34 PM BREAKING! Iran condemns Israel!

8:30 PM Reports of a targeted strike on a car carrying terrorists in the Gaza strip. More news as it comes out. Earlier the IAF took out Hamas commander Muhamed Galab.

8:22 PM Israeli government in the process of giving out special beepers to hearing impaired to inform them of incoming rocket fire.

8:21 PM Sirens now going off again in the Ashkelon Beach region following rockets landing there about 15 minutes ago.

8:20 PM Back to live blogging.

Shabbat Recap:

5:51 PM Gush Etzion hit on Friday night with 2 rockets.

Hamas targets Tel Aviv on Saturday. Iron Dome intercepts 1.

Ashdod hit. 10 injured.

Army authorized call-up of 75,000 soldiers.

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Anonymous said...

Shavua Tov! You mentioned that the Iron Dome intercepted one rocket which was fired at Tel Aviv - was that the only rocket which landed in the area? Also, I heard a rumor that there was a rocket which landed in the arab quarter Friday evening... is that true?

amyrpk said...

Where did the rocket land in the Gush???? Where did the rocket in the Gush come from ?????

Reuven Chaim Klein said...

Friday night we hard the sirens in Beitar.

Unknown said...

Forgive us. We apparently brought the grads north with us when we came to Jerusalem for Shabbat.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

The rockets that landed in Eastern Gush Etzion were fired from Gaza...aimed at Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Shavua Tov;
1st I would like to that you on behalf of all your readers for this wonderful blog. 2nd, it would be great if you could post any link to English broadcasts other than IBA world for updated news.

Samuel Werner said...

For those of us in Diaspora, we may have intimate understanding of Israeli towns but no idea what Gaza proper actually looks like beyond the news photographers' lens. Consider including this article to get a fresh impression on what many are being misinformed.

Eitan said...

Jameel, my uncle in Asheklon claims he heard someone who was supposedly in charge of coming up with the technology for Iron Dome claim that it's interecepted 80% of all rockets fired at Israel. Then again, today, something like 5of all the rockets fired were interecepted. Is this a case of some horrible arthithmetics? What's this Iron Dome worth anyway?

Eitan said...

Jameel, I've linked to you. Could you do the same? Please check out my blog.Thanks!

Shlomo said...

Eitan - Iron Dome only covers certain areas. In those areas (current 5 major cities), it has intercepted about 80% of rockets. In other areas, it doesn't try to intercept. Most rockets now are aimed at areas without Iron Dome, since Hamas knows it is pretty effective.

OJ said...

To my knowledge, the IDF requests people not post about sirens going off and rockets hitting areas because Hamas uses these posts to calibrate their weapons.

Anonymous said...

Rehovot was listed as included in the siren. Iryat Rehovot by phone said that no sirens have gone off or should have in Rehovot at all during this current 'war'. Valid as of 7:08 pm IL time. 18/11/12

Boom was heard but no siren.

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