Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas Hamas Hamas...big deal.

I've gotten about 10 emails from people asking for my take on the Palestinian Elections, and although I didn't have the energy to write about it, I'm sitting at my laptop, late Thursday night...waiting for the soup pot to cool off, so I can put it away in the fridge and go to sleep.

Taking AskShifra's advice on getting things done before shabbat, the table is already set for tomorrow evening's meal, and everything is more or less cleaned up.

So what do I think about the elections? The first thing that come to mind was how the entire planet was rooting for Fatah. Let's see - who is Fatah? The same people who's platform calls for the destruction of Israel, the same people who have "armed factions" of their political party. "Geduday Al-Aksa," Ever heard of them? Just a terrorist group that tries to target Jews whenever they get a chance. PA "policemen" are all from the Fatah, and they have been involved in countless terror attacks against us. So what's the big deal?

Let's see if we can figure out why everyone is so scared of the Hamas. For starters, they are Fundamentalist Islamists...they are very religious. While their interpretation of religion calls for killing of Jews, and has no qualms about using children and women as suicide bombers against us...the Fatah doesn't have a problem with that either. So why does everyone think the Hamas are SO bad?

Well, they DON'T rape, pillage and plunder their own population like the PA/Fatah policemen do. They aren't corrupt sleezebags like the PA/Fatah. They aren't into extortion either. So what's the downside?

Ah yes, they aren't "moderates" like the Fatah. Fatah doesn't outright call for the destruction of Israel on a daily English. Hamas has no problem saying it outright. Fatah is a bit more subdued when talking in English, as they still want European and American donations to flow into their own pockets.

I would rather the Hamas be in power so that its clearer to us where we stand. As long as the Fatah/PA pretend to be good for our interests, the Israeli Left makes everyone think we have a partner (when in fact, we don't). Maybe with Hamas, we'll be able to see through the fog and understand what the Palestinian agenda really is.

Fine. That's my analysis on late Thursday night. Take it or leave it. I'll be back blogging on Sunday...all about the security fence and what its impact is on everyone. (with lots of pictures!)

Shabbat Shalom...from the Muqata.

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Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Well, at least in Hamas we have a partner in body parts, or, uh, was that pieces.. no peace, yeah that's word I was looking for... anyway, they hate us just like Fatah, but at least they don't play political games with us, they just flat out admit that they want us wiped of the face of the globe.

they don't say one thing to western media and another to their own like Fatah. Hamas is the best kind of enemy to have... they say that they hate you to everyone and don't try to hide it.

Elie said...

Great post. EoZ had another excellent one along the same lines, which I linked to today.

What I do is put a towel under the soup pot in the fridge Thursday night, sp I don't have to stay up for hours until it fully cools. Unless of course that's just your excuse to blog late into the night! ;-)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Elie: I would SO much rather be asleep now...I usually don't like blogging on Thursday night/Friday morning...(other nights aren't a problem ;-)

However, having to stay up is giving me inspiration for my blog sonnet I started to write. Maybe I'll finish before the soup is cool.

ZR: You said it brother: Hamas is the best kind of enemy to have... they say that they hate you to everyone and don't try to hide it.

Thats wraps it up perfectly.

The back of the hill said...

Excellent post.

Puts me in a much better mood than reading the comments by readers of the Algemeen Dagblad, and other Dutch Newspapers.

It was the usual "sociaal bewogen" Dutch pro P and anti S blather.

Often, I am glad I moved back to the US.

Pinchas Floyd said...

this is much better than your sonnet

Little Wolf said...

Well finally the rest of the world will know what those idiots really want. After all, they just are out front with it and that makes it easier for us to deal with.

By the way, sort of on subject. I was watching CNN briefly this afternoon during a brief break from my tax conference. Lou Dobbs was interviewing some Palestinian woman who was complaining about how Israel and the US are responsible for Hamas being in control. Lou pushed her very lightly. I laughed at the entire thing and then shut off the TV and headed back to 'work' for the evening part of the entertainment.

daat y said...

I agree.It should be black and white who they are.But sadly many Israelis will fool themselves.'Haaretz' is already saying they are just resisting us-they really dont want to destroy us.

tafka PP said...

I agree that Hamas might be a more realistic "partner" for Israel- at least *we* know where weare with them.

But what about the Palestinians on the street who don't support them, aren't religious, and don't want the destruction of Israel? All the ones who woke up on Thursday bewildered and depressed about this landslide? Don't let the media images fool you- most Palestinians are not celebrating. They are saying that Hamas won this vote by manipulation and emotional blackmail. Who knows whether this will be good for anyone.

Joe Settler said...

Jameel: Check out my post on cutting out the middleman:

pp: Everyone is looking for excuses why Hamas won in a landslide victory.

Almost no one is willing to say that maybe, just maybe, the destruction of Israel and killing of Jews is what the Palestinians want, and this landslide victory is a true indication of their actual goals and intentions.

So instead everyone (on the other side of the political spectrum at least) is try to explain it away as anything but Hamas's overtly stated goals and actions.

While Ramallah might still be a mostly secular city, most of the other Palestinian cities have become more and more religious over the years as they suffered under Fatah oppression and corruption.

Since the majority voted for Hamas, I think most (or at least the majority) on the street are celebrating.

6PointsOut said...

Shalom -

While there is merit in the idea that HAMAS is at least overt in their hatred of Jews, ergo they can be more easily dealt with (and might even bring international condemnation on themselves for hatred, well, nah), I think that the truly crippling problem that faces us is our willingness to make any distinction at all between the PLOArab parties.

For the purposes of Israel's polity, what difference is there in which PLOArab is in control? The only thing that unites this cheap, ugly, facsimile of an Arab "nation" is their desire to see Israel destroyed. Of what consequence are the fine nuances in their messages, or their marketing plans?

Security for Eretz Yisrael requires a government that refuses to any longer be distracted by this sort of political gamesmanship; a government that will never stoop to "talking" with proud mass murderers.

For Israelis, Jews, and the world at large, there is no functional difference between one group of murderers and another. I am less concerned with who the PLOArabs wish to have at their van than I am with getting the GOI to defend its people from these appalling beasts.

Eretz Yisrael L'Am Yisrael!

Lab Rab said...

I don't fully understand Fatah enough to comment on their seeming duplicity, but I do think that in general it's better for a people to be ruled by the people of their choice. If the Palestinian Arabs prefer Hamas, that's entirely their prerogative. I just hope that Hamas will act more responsibly as the seat of power than they did as the opposition.

tafka PP said...

Joe Settler- it isn't about excuses. And what you say about Palestinians becoming more religious is simply wrong. Dafka their society has become a great deal more westernized and secular than your average Arab country, but the latent cultural values still exist: One of the theories on the Palestinian street now is that many were secretly concerned about secularization (especially in view of permissive behaviour/dress of women, as publicised in their campaigns) and so voted for Hamas. What we have here is not an outright battle cry, rather a society trying to find its feet. And whatever you prefer to believe, know that many of that society are not waving green flags, but extremely unhappy about this result.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Parrot: Isn't JoseSettler just echoing the sentiment of the Palestinian voter?

After all - if Hamas received a majority from Palestinian voters, then I would have thought the majority of Palestinian voters would be happy with their vote...

For years, there have been polls that say 80-90% of the Palestinian population support suicide bombings against Jewish civilian targets. Could it be that you just mix with the 10-15% which are thankfull not as "fill in whatever blank you wish here" as the others?

MC Aryeh said...

Best post I have read on this topic, Jameel. It doesn't really matter why Hamas was elected. They were, and that may not be a bad thing for Israel - unless they turn into a Fatah, and their intentions are obscured, which I think they are too zealous to let happen...

Joe Settler said...

Hamas has said today that Sharia will be the basis for their laws and Fatah said they will renew attacks on Israel.

No where did Hamas hide their plans. And, even the majority of East Jerusalem voters also voted Hamas (probably even people in your own office, even if they won't admit it).

For the minority that aren't happy with the religious turn, it's a good thing that the Rafiach border is as open for them to leave as it is to import long-range weapons.

tafka PP said...

"Josesettler"? Is this a clue to his identity?!

Sorry that my actual experiences don't gel with your political commentating, fellas. I'm not trying to score points, just telling it like it is.

Joe Settler said...

pp: Huh? Clue? Where? Didn't you read my last post?

It doesn't have to gel. You have your group of Arab friends and associates, and we have ours (and we actually do).

The world is still a wide place with lots of diversity - some believe in drive-bys, some swear by car bombs, and others will accept nothing less than a full suicide, 70 virgins and all :) .

But still, I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the cubbyhole next to yours actually did vote Hamas.

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