Sunday, March 11, 2007

Best comments heard this trip so far.

Jameel! I haven't seen you since 1883!

What? You play hockey? Every Motzei Shabbat? That doesn't make sense...


You're here with 3 kids, and you're saying it's easy?

After standing-up Ezzie 3 times, I'm shocked you're actually seeing him in person.
*Ezzie hijacks and says: Seriously! But 'twas fun... :) I can't believe you drove over at like 1:00 in the morning, though. *That* is a bit nuts.

Jameel at passport control to Muqata kid:

Jameel: When's your birthday? I need to write it down on the form.
Muqata Kid: (gives Hebrew date)
Jameel: I know that, what's the English date of your birthday.
Muqata Kid: Shrugs. No idea.

Going to be a hectic day...driving South...

(And kudos to Cro Magnum Pyschotoddler who parodies Shifra on her own blog better than herself. Maybe next year he'll make a submission for the Podcast...)

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Sarah Likes Green said...

ah... so you stood ezzie up. that would be the reason he was still at work at lunchtime when you were originally supposed to meet (apparently).


enjoy the rest of your trip!

Anonymous said...

Psychotoddler always too busy. Psychotoddler getting boring. BAAAAH!

Rafi G. said...

enjoy. you should be proud of your kids. Hahodesh hazeh lachem. They know the hebrew dates the way they should. I wish I did...

Jack Steiner said...

It is not a true Muqata meeting without waffles.

Ayelet said...

Only my oldest knows his secular birthday and that's because it's the same as his dad's. Everyone knows their Jewish birthdays (except for the dad). I even have to think twice when filling out legal forms!

The Observer said...

I have room in my head for one birthday per kid. Hebrew. Also one spelling of each kid's names. Also Hebrew. All of which gets me into trouble when it comes time to fill in forms in English. So, how did we spell that one's name? With or without a terminal 'h'? And for that other one: "l-e" or "e-l"? Did we finally decide on a single or double consonant there? Heck, pull out the birth certificates.

All of which once led to a visit from the Dept of Family Inspection Busybodies after an over-officious postal employee got suspicious over these sorts of questions when dealing with a passport application for a little tiny one.

the sabra said...

re the birthday-
i can just sense aliyah numbers rising..

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