Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Plague of Publicity

Some people are desperate for publicity.

Andy Grove, the past CEO of Intel Corp proved via the Pentium bug fiasco, that there's no such thing as "bad" publicity.

Therefore, how do some religious Israelis get their name everywhere?

They write articles that bash...religious Israelis.

In this fashion, the spotlight is on today's idiot, "Efrat Shapira-Rosenberg"

I have no clue who she is, but her article in YNET entitled, "The Plague of Eretz Yisrael" is proof positive that she's an attention seeker, rather than someone who wants to honestly deal with facts.

Her opinion piece can be summarized as such: Religious Jews in Israel place an inordinant amount of focus on Eretz Yisrael and neglect everything else...and that is a "plague."

Her closing paragraph:
Yes, the Land of Israel is beloved, and it’s important, and it’s possible that for some people, there is no other issue. But the total focus on the struggle for the Land of Israel is not just a religious, social, and moral injustice. It’s also a plague.
Since Ms. Efrat Shapira hyphen Rosenberg is too busy mouthing-off via her YNETnews soapbox, let me tell you a single story from last week, which shows just how wrong she is.

Last week, Magen David Adom needed volunteer ambulance drivers and medics for night shifts in large cities in the Gush Dan (Tel Aviv) region. I answered their call, and did a night shift. What I found was the following: in this particular city, there were no local all!

Rather, all their volunteers in that (rather large city) were from settlements in the Shomron, and one volunteer from North America!

So the next time MS Efrat Shapira-Rosenberg has an epiphany about bashing religious Jews and settlers for caring "too much" about Eretz Yisrael, perhaps she should check out all the wonderful work they are doing around the country; including volunteering for MDA, Hatzala, Soup Kitchens, Aiding Developmentally challenged children, outreach, social service and welfare programs, and of course...IDF duty.

And if some people want to focus on Eretz Yisrael, that's their right, just as I know some people who focus on tzedakka, some who focus on learning and teaching Torah, and others who focus on saving lives.

Focus is a "religious, social, and moral injustice"???

I would advise that she be very cautious about using language such as "plague" and Eretz Yisrael in the same breath.

When the 10 spies spoke poorly about Israel, it didn't do them any good, nor the rest of our nation.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Scraps said...

The best way to get attention is to be a self-hating Jew. Ein chadash tachat ha-shemesh.

Soccer Dad said...

"When you take any mitzvah and you make it a supreme mitzvah above all other things in a way that Chazal (our Rabbis) do not say, then it is a form of idolatry."

See the source of the quote.

Unfortanately such views are all too mainstream.

tnspr569 said...


Mr.Face above says it all.

Shmilda said...

No one is more fun to read than a bitter leftist. "All the people in our society who cannot see themselves as free because in fact, they live a life of slavery - sub-contracters... Spelling aside, how could one not laugh at such silly communist rhetoric?

Anyone know what the "Mandel Institute for Leadership" is?

YMedad said...

Other Hebrew columns by her are here. My guess is she is from that new, reincarnated Netivot Shalom group with, hmm, Shai Binyamini who used to publish in Maariv. She presents a program on Reshet - Sippur Me'HaHaftarah, is a lawyer who helps out with foreign workers, is a Mendel fellow for leadership, friend of Sarah Balu and Sharon Mayevsky, leaders of the feminist dati-lite.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with the general sentiments in the article.
While the RZ world is generous as you point out, "formal RZ activities" seem to be largely about the land.
This, for me, is problematic.

Just off the cuff: this week's Ba-Sheva has a full page ad for Lubavitch messianism. Do you think this will generate the same degree of response R. Bina's ad did?

YMedad said...

There is a difference between the two ads. Chabad messianism is viewed as an aberration with little influence. The other praised a person who allows himself to be an instrument for the violation of human rights by exilling some 20 men from their homes and families and livelihood. Why use draconian statutes when a court procedure is available? Unless all you have is a hunch and a premonition (which really isn't the democratic way to do things). It's okay for Peace Now to demonstrate in their hundreds outside of Begin's residence in 1982-84, screamin on occasion "murderer!" but 20 right-wingers can't demonstarte outside Yair Naveh's house.

I am not sure that's the best way to demonstrate but I can't stand double standards and lefties assuming the high moral ground when they are wrong. If you want to argue, there has to be agreed upon values and this isn't the case.

elchonon said...

Lubavitch "messianism" is purely the views of indicidual's or even a group....

Yair naveh said "you have clubs, use em" I was at the end of over 20 of those clubs in amona..

Anonymous said...

ymedad and elchonon, lubavitch messianism is far far from having little influence. you are making this mistake -- which, possibly, you are making because you and they see eye to eye on Israel issues and so you have your head in the sand over the wide influence of lubavitch messianism.
open your eyes to the gravity of this issue.

Shmilda said...

Did you see the discussion her outfit is eliciting at ADDeRabbi?

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