Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Under the Influence

Hello it's Shifra - from Ask Shifra.

I haven't posted on this blog since my famous 18 minutes post but I'm at work, bored, and high on cough syrup so I figured why embarrass myself on my OWN blog when I can do it here for the same price.

Actually, here I'm free to post things that I wouldn't post on my own blog like about how my mother-in-law thinks she's helping with the dishes by rinsing them with cold water and putting them in the dish rack. I thought everyone knew about the whole hot water-soap-sponge routine but I guess not.
Also, it's pretty bad manners to put your HAND into the serving dish and just grab a tomato out of the salad or a pickle off the relish tray. The serving pieces were right there... I'm just saying.

So I was thinking... that podcast was pretty cool right? But we were all busy and didn't know what we were doing and didn't have time to get things done as cleverly as we wanted (or at ALL!)
So.... if Jameel and Co. is up for it, I propose we give this thing another run. Initially I was thinking we should do a pre-Pesach podcast but I know that most of you (self included) like to put things off to the last minute and I don't want to be responsible for the breakup of any marriages (this is a stressful time of year.)
So how about a Pre-Shavous podcast?
That will give everyone plenty of time - you can put in your Torah thoughts, post Passover reflections, left over Purim shtick, cheese cake recipes or anything else you want (except maybe shameless self promotion that just annoys me.)

Whaddya say?


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


MUST Gum Addict said...

I'm game :)

~ Sarah ~ said...

what about for lag ba'omer? that's after the pesach craziness and before shavuot and there isn't as much cooking and cleaning to do.

Shifra said...

I like that even better!

JoeSettler said...

I'm always up for making fun of Jameel in a podcast.

I can see the interview now...

I was going to interview the "Rabbis for Human Rights" that are uprooting Jewish planted trees around settlements in honor of Tu b'Shvat - but I missed that holiday.

So perhaps I would discuss where the rabbis hid Yeshu's bones and tie that in with the Lag B'Omer bonfires.

Jameel is gonna kill me when he finds out what questions I put in his mouth this time around.

PsychoToddler said...

Hey Shifra, great idea.

Jameel, can you invite me to contribute to this blog so I can bitch about my wife without her finding out?

Shifra said...

I'll give you the keys to my blog if you want PT.
I'm not sure how much Jameel's readers enjoy listening to someone kvetch. *MY* readers on the other hand must love it (as do you yours hehe.)

Still Wonderin' said...

Shifra, that sounds like a great idea .... even if you're one of those dishwashing weirdos who insists on using "hot" water and "soap" on the sponge. picky! picky!

Shifra said...

I should mention there was no "sponge" being used either...

holy hyrax said...

hold up, If PT gets to bitch about his wife on this blog I want in on it too.

(I dont mean bitching at his wife, I meant mine :) )

Ezzie said...

Great idea, Shifra. :) Anyone can still call stuff in whenever the mood strikes them, we've left the GCast stuff up.

HH - You do that on MY blog already!

Holy Hyrax said...

I never do that on YOUR blog. I want exclusive bitching rights on THIS blog. Shifra gets a little high from her daily dose of cough syrup and she gets to post? I can get just as high on other home products as well.

Besides, if we are to do another podcast, I think we should do soemthing grand. No more matress labels. How about we do a huge conference call.

~ Sarah ~ said...

hh: what about a recipe from a cereal packet? but over a conference call...

Shifra said...

No conference calls.
I hate those things.

holy Hyrax said...

Fine. Shifra is out.

Anyone up for taking her place?

Sarah...your insane.

PsychoToddler said...

They're as different as night and day
Don't you think that night and day are different
what's wrong with you

holy Hyrax said...

I am an FOB hyrax. I have my excuses.

ust renewed my 'hyrax fan' membership said...

hh-ur great. u make me laugh. also on the podcast, and also on the comments.

holy Hyrax said...

FINALLY. A fan. At last someone recognizes my genius. Time to open up my own blog.

Even though it is probably only Jameel saying that ;)

would NEVER go by an arabic name, are u mad!? said...

...though i originally joined ur fan club due to some pretty nasty threats on jameels part

o and somethin tells me ur lookin for groupies that are not 'seriously insane'

o well

holy Hyrax said...

Oh NO, its YOU.

There goes the fan club.

holy Hyrax said...

There goes the fan club.

...AND the groupies.

someone with a sad face said...

ya ya i knew that would happen eventually

and uh derech agav, u often quote urself and comment on ur comments?

indignated! said...

and hey! what'd i ever do wrong that u disqualify me such??

holy Hyrax said...

and uh derech agav, u often quote urself and comment on ur comments?

Oh well, i guess having a stalker is good start.

and hey! what'd i ever do wrong that u disqualify me such

Other than you are totally insane, nothing. Welcome to the club.

im outsane! i really am!! said...

1-bichlal didn't get the connection b/w ur stalking answer to my question.

2-what makes u say im insane? (sad puppy face) and WOAH what was that!? i can join the club? were in a club together?? yes! finally! me and the hyrax, in a club! k what will it be? cafe eilat? cafe elite? (thats in the other part of town) malibu grill? kosushi? pats? milk n honey? munchies? pizza world?

holy Hyrax said...

1-bichlal didn't get the connection b/w ur stalking answer to my question.

that fact that you noticed something that I have probably done only once before.

2. High end stuff only please. The new Prime Grill in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Dr. will do just fine.

pleading outsanity said...

bseder alligator

Anonymous said...

It looks like we need a new site on the jblogosphere called My Jewish Bitch, where bloggers can come and bitch about their spouses, in-laws, etc..
I guess the question would be is having it on another blog anonymous enough, to keep the bitchee from reading it or would everyone need a new anonymous name.
My wife reads muqata.

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