Monday, March 19, 2007

UNICEF in Israel: License to Kill

(My welcome back post coming later...first, something important)

The UNICEF website cites the following "information" about children, "At a glance: Occupied Palestinian Territory"
Armed conflict continues to kill dozens of children each year in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. [no mention of Jewish victims of Arab terror here]

Poverty has dramatically worsened since 2000; access to jobs, schools, and medical care is hampered by hundreds of checkpoints and roadblocks. [no mention of terror here, or the active role that Palestinian children play in terror attacks]

Approximately 10 per cent of girls ages 15 to 18 are pregnant or already have a child. [hmmm....Israel's not responsible for this]

Violence against children is a problem in homes and schools. An estimated one fifth of children have experienced violence at the hands of family members. [sounds like our optimal peace partners]

Children in nearly a third of all families experience anxiety, phobia or depression. [with leaders like Abu Mazen I'm not surprised]

School enrolment [sic?] is high, but it is starting to decline. The quality of education is also suffering because schools lack textbooks and other materials. Nearly half of all students have seen their school besieged by troops, and more than 10 per cent have witnessed the killing of a teacher in school. [if they didn't harbor terrorists in their schools, this might be less of a problem...did you know that Gilad Shalit was being kept in a school in Gaza for a while?]
Veeeeery impressive.

What better use of donations can their be, than to help All, Jewish, Israeli, Palestinian children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory?

Let me tell you where UNICEF money is really going.

On my way to work this morning on Road 60 (the main Jerusalem-Shechem/Nablus road), I was nearly run off the road by a brand new UNICEF 4x4.

As an EMT first responder, I see car accidents all the time, and poor driving is the primary culprit. While everyone slips up from time to time, the driving habits of a pair of UNICEF 4x4's I saw this morning were among the most horrendous I've seen, including:

1. Excessive speeding.
2. Above, going zooming through a residential Palestinian village [oops?]
3. Crossing over a solid white line to pass other cars.
4. Above, at high speeds, almost resulting in hitting 2 (Palestinian) pedestrians [oops?]
5. Above, at high speeds, crossing solid white lines on blind curves.
6. Passing on the left using a left turn only lane.

When they finally stopped at the entrance to the Hizma village at the edge of Jerusalem, they stopped at the side of the road and 2 drivers in expensive suits got out to chat. No emergency, no rush, just blatant disregard for road safety and the lives of everyone on the road.

Using my camera cellphone I took a picture of one the 4x4 and using patented "24" Chloe-image-enhancement technology, the license plate of one of the offending cars is:

UNDP 107

Oh, and does UNICEF actually care about the young Jewish victims of Palestinian terror?

Of course not.

They are too busy dealing with the problems of the Palestinian society including teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, and the willingness to blow yourself up for Allah.

I hope that when these guys finally run off the roads killing themselves, that no one else gets killed in the process.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Pragmatician said...

I'm so glad I just read that.
Just yesterday someone tried to sell me something for the benefit of Unicef.
I declined because I had htis feeling that Jews should not support them.
My intuition was correct!

the sabra said...


Olah Chadasha said...

I make it a point to give the finger to any UN car I pass or that passes me. If I walk by one, I sometimes spit at it. There are many UN cars in my neighborhood, being that they are making sure that the 1949 Armistice Agreement between Jordan and Israel is being upheld. Yeah, the UN really knows how to spend its money wisely and make sure peace is kept around the world.

mevaseretzion said...

Dear Jameel,

Should we call in that license plate and report it to the UN office?

Thanks for the post. Why does Israel let those people in?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Jameel. In general, I have felt that all of the CC/CD/UN/TIPH vehicles are driven as if they are above the law. Because these cars are not taxed, they are often higher performance models with bigger engines, and in many cases, armored. This leads to an even more dangerous mix on Israel's already precarious roads.

As for UNICEF/UNRWA and all of their hard work (sic!) for the Palestinians, go to the HebrewU (Mt. Scopus) gym, on any day, and at any hour. It looks like a UN parking lot. If saving the Palestinians means toning their evenhanded, duplicitous muscles, they're doing a wonderful job!

Ari Kinsberg said...

i was at light this past summer in ramat eshkol. a U.N.-marked car pulled up next to me and the driver signalled that he wanted to pull in front of me at the green to make a left turn. i told not to even thing about trying.

on a lighter note, did you ever see the classic movie "givat halfon eno oneh"? there is a scenre where the protagonists need to cross into egypt to rescue a friend. so they pretend to be u.n. soldiers and paint their jeep white. but being idiots they mark it in English "U.M." ["Um" is hebrew for u.n.]

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

I reveal my sins. As a child I used to "trick or treat for UNICEF" on Halloween (was forced to). I actually think that, in prinicple, it was a good lesson. One year my costume was actually a UNICEF box! But at some point I found out that no Jewish Israeli children benefit from UNICEF so I refused to do it any more.

The UNICEF box was more familiar to me as a child than the JNF box. Thank G-d I got over THAT!

I am deeply amused that my mother, who raised me to despise bigotry and racism, who was a civil rights activist, and so on and so forth, did NOT buy UNICEF Xmas cards this year because they had Arabic writing on them and someone recently revealed to her what Islam REALLY says about Jews and Xians. :) Blew me away. Totally unexpected.

Gee a Moron said...

Oom Shmoom!!!

travelling tafka pp said...


UNDP and UNICEF are completely separate bodies within the UN.


A "Cool Woman"

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

travelling tafka pp:

Completely separate? That didn't stop them from having both a UNDP license plate on their vehicle AND a clear UNICEF logo! (Maybe someone should remind them?)

Anonymous said...

UNICEF has to be invited into a country or region in order to provide humanitarian relief for children in that area. That is why UNICEF is concerned with children in Palestinian occupied territories but not in Israel, because the government of Israel does not want UNICEF to be providing aid to Israeli children directly.

Anonymous said...

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