Monday, March 26, 2007

Chomesh, First!

Hearing Yedidya Lerner's voice on IDF Radio today after the 12:00 PM news was the most uplifting and exhilarating message I could have asked for.

Not many people know Yedidya Lerner, but he used to live in Chomesh. In the days leading up to the destruction of Chomesh in the Disengagement, I lived on Yedidya's front lawn in a tent, along with 12 other tents. We had shifts to help out in the Lerner's home; washing dishes, cleaning the toilets and washing the floor) as dozens of people camped out on their front lawn.

I remember connecting my laptop to their phone line and gained meager dial-up access to read about the Disenagegment on other blogs...and how infuriated I was at the general apathy (to outright support) for the Disengagement. If anything caused me to start blogging; it was there and then.

Today, a year and half later, I heard Yedidya's voice on the radio. He had already made it back to Chomesh, to the ruins of his home on the hill. He said very clearly that he would not confront the IDF, and that he was hopeful for the long run that eventually, he would rebuild his home in Chomesh. He had already visited Chomesh this past Chanuka, and was back now. He said, "maybe we'll be removed from here tonight or tomorrow, but we will keep returning, and will rebuild."

As I type this, I keep getting SMS messages from my blog-friend Elchonon, who is updating me minute by minute of his progress.

Starting the "march" from the closest settlement to Chomesh, Shavei Shomron, he reports that hundreds and hundreds of people are marching towards Chomesh...families pushing strollers with babies...teenagers with backpacks and sleeping bags, old and young wearing orange streamers and shirts that say, "Chomesh First" (A take-off of the Failed Oslo Accord plan, "Jericho and Gaza First"), as they hope that this march will be the awakening to restart the settlement in Chomesh.

As Yedidya Lerner stated; we aren't fooling ourselves, and we may not make it this time...but we will keep coming back.

Perseverance is the key.

More details to be posted as they come in. Please Note: The IDF is securing the road to Chomesh from Shavei Shomron, and there is no confrontation between the marchers and IDF forces. Which is exactly how it should be.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael

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