Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good Great News from Israel!

Despite the chilling air-raid siren at 2:00 PM (it was only a country-wide drill), there are many great news stories from Israel today.

1. Jews from the Kiryat Arba/Hevron area moved into a legally purchased building last night. The building, "Beit HaShalom" (The House of Peace) was purchased by the Jewish Community of Hevron for $700,000 and is a four-story structure, about 3,500 sq. meters (roughly 35,000 sq feet) -- slated to be home for dozens of new families!

Hebron spokesmen stressed the importance of this building: "The house of peace, on the main road between Hebron and Kiryat Arba is an additional link in the growth of the City of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Bonding Hebron and Kiryat Arba, this building will provide homes for dozens, if not hundreds of Israelis, waiting to live in Hebron. It is a tremendous asset which marks another step in the renewal of the Jewish community of Hebron. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the return to Hebron, during the 1967 Six Day war. What could be a better way to celebrate the return to Hebron than by dedicating a new building! It is our hope that this will truly be a place of peace, and that our new neighbors will finally accept that Jews have returned home, to the first Jewish city in the Land of Israel, never ever to leave again."
The really good news is that despite knee-jerk reactions from Leftwing MKs, who demand in typical fashion, "Evict the Jews first, ask questions later" the IDF Civil Administration had decided not to evict the Jewish residents and treat their ownership claim seriously. (Trust me, if someone pays $700,000 for a building before moving in, they aren't planning to lose in court)
Knesset Member Ophir Pines-Paz (Labor) called on Defense Minister Amir Peretz to immediately work to evacuate the settlers who raided the Hebron house, until a decision is made on its rightful owners.

"It's time for the defense minister to start working and stop making statements which mean nothing. The State of Israel is a state of law, which should apply to everyone," Pines-Paz said. (YNET)
Jerk. A "State of Law" means that if you have a deed to a house, you should be able to live in it. Oh oh. Will Ophir Pines-Paz sue me in Pamela Greenbaum fashion for insulting him? I think he should change his last name first.

Summing things up, the Police have no plans to evacuate the settlers a senior police official told Ynet on Tuesday morning.

"We have no legal basis to evacuate them," he explained.

Seems like Nissan, the Jewish month of Redemption has gotten off to a great start!

2. YNET informs us of more corrupted Kadima government ministers...
Finance Minister Abraham Hirchson (KADIMA) was investigated under warning Tuesday for his suspected involvement in the embezzlement of funds from a non-profit organization. Hirchson's son Ofer was also questioned. Is this another tag-team?

According to suspicions, Hirchson failed to report embezzlement in the organization when he served as chairman of the National Workers Labor Federation.

Police officials recently said that they had enough evidence against the minister.
I was at the Ramat Aviv Likud polling station for the Likud membership vote on the Disengagement issue, when Abraham Hirchson showed up to vote. He voted as a Likud member in favor the Disengagement, yet the resounding majority of the Likud (close to 70%) voted against it. So he pushed it ahead anyway with Ariel Sharon...and is now under investigation for corruption. I guess it takes a corrupt individual to treat the Gush Katif people they way they did...and they still have no permanent housing solutions, and unemployment is over 50%.

3. Wine Sales in Israel are soaring in advance of Pesach! Use Israeli wine for your seder this year...our award winning wines not only help our economy, but why drink grapes from chutz la'aretz which is compared to a land of idolatry when you can drink wine from Eretz Yisrael?

Some 54 million wine bottles manufactured in Israel a year, BDI economists say; sales total NIS 730 million in 2006

Wine bottle sales in 2006 totaled NIS 730 million (abour $173 million) in 2006, a rise of 4 percent compared to the 2005 sales, according to data released by Business Data Israel.

The number of wine bottle manufactured in Israel also rose by 4 percent last year, amounting to approximately 54 million bottles.

BDI data show that ahead of the holiday of Passover, like during the period before the Jewish New Year, the wine industry saw a rise of more than 40 percent in sales compared to previous months.

Fine. If you want, you can still buy Kedem Grape Juice which costs less than milk...but get the rest of your wine from here!

Lots more good news going on here....will post more soon.


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mevaseretzion said...

You really know how to cheer a blogger up. Thanks!

Fern said...

Well I am proud to say that I am partly responsible (even if only for a teeny tiny fraction) for #3. We purchased 6 bottles of Israeli wine for use at our seders. Of course our first reason for doing so was to support Israel, but the decision was made all the easier by the fact that more and more Israeli wines score in the 90s (out of 100).

YMedad said...

Pines-Paz doesn't have to change his last name; just it's pronounciation.

Scraps said...

Yay for Chevron!

Boo for corrupt politicians!

Kedem is ichsah, yay for Israeli wines!

Olah Chadasha said...

Yeah, the FIL is heading up the drill up north. While I knew it was a drill, it was still a bit freaky to hear it. I felt like a knee jerk reaction to get under a table or something.

tnspr569 said...

Great news about the building!

I heard that the siren was also supposed to go off in Bet Shemesh.

tnspr569 said...

Great news about the building!

I heard that the siren was also supposed to go off in Bet Shemesh.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Yisrael - thanks for saying it nicer than I could have (about Pines-Paz). If he Hebraicized his name to get away from the galut, questionable-in-English name, how come what for we still see it everywhere? Because he seems to act like that juicy Yiddish word that means the same thing!

Anonymous said...


Isn't Paz the hebrew word for Gold?

Why not Gold-Prick,or Prick-Gold?? It sounds more Jewish and no less phallic!

Or how about dropping the whipped/effimante hyphen alltogether and go with Goldprick,or Prickgold??

DTC said...

FWIW, where can I find Kedem Grape Juice on sale where it's cheaper than milk? That's not the case around my part of the world (where other grape juice is on sale but still not cheaper than milk.)

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