Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Israel Fund admits funding anti-government Tent Protests

NIF announced on their website today, that "Shatil" -- the "operative arm of NIF" is actively helping the tent protestors, while the "Fund" part of the "New Israel Fund" is providing financial backing to the protest as well.

The link to their web link is here (in Hebrew), or read it via google translate, here.

Of course, NIF will say they are apolitical, as their slogan is "New Israel Fund is the leading organization committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis."

Or in plain speak; taking the "Jewish" out of the "Jewish State."

N.B. Here's a good explanation of "Piggish Capitalism" -- where an Israeli blames the tent city protestors for their own problems. The truth is -- its not capitalism that's the problem, its the irresponsible, piggish people.

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Anonymous said...

Oh gee, aren't they a smart bunch of idiots.

Financially support the people living in tents so that they're comfortable enough to keep living in them, but just not enough that they're happy and complacent.

Such shit disturbers.

They're as bad as someone who would supply drugs to crack addicts, but not enough to satisfy them.

How are these NIF members allowed to congregate?

Anonymous said...

Piggish- like you settlers, parasites off our tax and making the state into pariahs?

Instead of accusing the New Israel Fund as the problem in this country, try looking in the mirror!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the stats published of who owns more rental properties, 'settlers' or greater Tel-Aviv residents. The very same people who back the NIF and scream for a return to socialism are those who live off the rental income of serveral apartments owned by their parents and grandparents who were once the high paid elitists of Mapai run organizations who made their fortunes by exploiting poor Sefardic immigrants.

Shmilda said...

מה שהתחיל במחאות מקומיות, כגון פלמחים ומאבק החופים והתגבר במאבק נגד גירוש ילדי העובדים הזרים ומאבק הגז, הופך כעת לשיטפון עם מאבק הקוטג' ומחאת הדיור. הציבור בישראל למד לעמוד על זכויותיו ולתבוע מהמדינה חלוקת משאבים צודקת יותר. הקרן החדשה לישראל גאה להיות זאת שליוותה את כל מאבקיה של החברה האזרחית בעשור האחרון וגאה ללוות גם את המאבק הזה, ברוח, בכוח אדם ובמשאבים.

Gee, are they taking credit for the Cottage Cheese boycott too? Methinks they are giving themselves way too many accolades.

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