Thursday, July 14, 2005

Solidarity Now!

Dearest friends, I have moved to Gush Katif for the duration with my younger children. My son Gilad will try to help you from this computer in my absence. I admire and send my love to each and every one of you and if you too are on the way to the Gush -- GOOD FOR YOU and see you there. Final suggestions are as follows:

a. Each of us should select a location outside his home where he will struggle. This is no time for faxes and certainly not for mere emails. One must be out "in the field" not in your living room. If you can come to the Gush -- that's best. If you can lie on the road leading to the Gush -- great. If you can stand at a junction or bus or train station daily -- that's good too. If you live in the Shomron, set up a new maachaz.

b. It is hard to stand by oneself. Therefore, look for at least one partner -- your spouse, or friend or neighbor, or child or parent. Don't wait for some organizer to do this for you. All the organizers are on their way to the Gush. Once you and your partner have decided what your activity is going to be, tell everyone you know about it and invite them. Who knows -- one or more of them may surprise you and decide to join the fun.

c. Do not wait for some organizer to bring you equipment. You know where those organizers are -- in the Gush, or in jail, or.... Please simply make or buy your own.

d. There is info on various websites, use it.

f. From now on, for the next month or two, ALL your spare time should please be devoted to this struggle. Please put everything else aside including non-urgent Eretz Yisrael matters and certainly including your personal life. Sorry for imposing, but this is important.

g. Kindly pass these recommendations on.

With affection, gratitude and respect

Susie Dym, spokesperson

Mattot Arim

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