Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Ultimate Pesach Experience?

I was going to blog and post a dozen pictures from our amazing matza baking experience at 1:00 PM, erev pesach...or perhaps, our tiyul today to the off-the-beaten-path-national-park, "Maayan HaGevura" near Eli.

However...I think all that pales in comparison to the package we received before chag.

Honestly, I think they need a new copy editor.

(And I'll blog and post about the other things soon :)

Moadim LSimcha!

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Jack Steiner said...

That is pretty funny.

Batya said...

Everyone thinks they know English.
By the way, where'd you get it? I told my son to look for something like that, and he didn't find it. No rush; we probably won't have the kids over next year. It'll be the "other savta's turn."

Mikeage said...

We bought one this year, but my three year old didn't make it up past 9:00 to try it.. maybe next year.

They were 50 NIS here in Ramat Bet Shemesh; I also know someone was selling them in Efrat for 60 NIS.

At first I thought it was a really stupid idea, but then I decided it could be a cute idea for a little kid. I assume with older kids around, it would be better to do a nice family project to make things with the little kids, but who has time to do it themselves? :)

Anonymous said...

My parents bought this for my 5 and 8 year old. It kept them occupied for the rest of the seder. Interesting note, my father said they came to the Feldheim late because they were waiting for the shipment from China of the animals

bec said...

we toss out red napkins for blood, use squishy frogs, a bag of small plastic wild animals that get scattered on the table, sun glasses, and paper balls for hail. we haven't yet figured out how to simulate slaying of the first born, but it seems like a good threat for anyone misbehaving at the seder table.

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