Thursday, April 11, 2013

Muqata Photo Roundup, Rosh Chodesh Iyar edition.

Muqata Photo roundup...

This airline passenger is a "kohen" and was told by his Rav that the way to avoid tum'a/ritual impurity by the plane flying over Jewish cemeteries in Israel was to wrap himself up in a bag like this.

The Arab passenger on an Israeli bus has a "boom" bag . Awkward?

And finally...

From Facebook:

Friday afternoon, returning from work on the Tel - Aviv to Rishon LZion train. Get off the train in Rishon, and remember I forgot a bag on the train with personal belongings...and the train is now on its way to Yavneh, and I need to pick up my daughter from gan...don't know what to do. One of the train station's security personnel sees I'm distressed and asks me what's up. After explaining that my bag was now on a train to Yavneh, he calmed me down, went to the train operations center, called the train security personnel on the Yavneh bound train, and ensured the bag would be on a train back to Rishon. He took my number, told me to pick up my daughter and he said he would call me when he gets my bag back. And that's what happened.

His name is Kobasa Aiylin, and this post is for him. He deserves a million "likes" and for Israel Railroad Management to know how helpful and responsible he is.

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