Tuesday, July 09, 2013

VIDEO: Tisha B'Av -- The Children Are Ready. Are you?

The "9 days" started yesterday, and I keep seeing "how to survive the 9 days" posts, ways to make the best dairy meals, and how to get past Tisha B'Av in one piece.

The real answer lies in this video: The Children Are Ready.

And they are...we need to get past the Kotel, get past the mindset of 2000 years of exile, and look to the future.

The future is within our grasp...we just need to be ready.  Are you?

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Anonymous said...

Jameel: The kingpin kid is wearing a smiley kipa. Is that you?

Chaim Richman said...

I am the creator of this video. Of all the comments I have received, yours, Jameel, is the most gratifying. You really get it. You have made it all worthwhile.
Rabbi Chaim Richman, the Temple Institute Jerusalem.

yoni r. said...


1. Why are the men sitting on the floor wearing talitot? On Tisha B'Av, we sit on the floor at night and in the morning, and only put on talitot in the afternoon, at which point we don't sit on the floor anymore. (OK, this isn't really a serious question. But the next one is.)

2) Is the video meant to imply that we shouldn't mourn over the destruction of the first two batei mikdash? There are (on average) 364 days a year to take concrete steps to prepare for the third beit hamikdash, including the wonderful work being done at the Temple Institute. The video seems to imply that Tisha B'Av should also be a day of action, and not mourning.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Yoni: I would be happy if on Tisha B'Av evening, we read Eicha and associated kinot, and then on Tisha B'Av, start building :)

Yet slightly more seriously -- While we need to mourn the destruction of the 2 Batei HaMikdash, we cannot continue as if nothing has happened. Yerusahlayim is being rebuilt daily...Kibbutz Galuyot is happening daily...and to ignore this, or worse, say the tefillot in mincha shmona esreh that Yerushalayim is desolate is an act of disrespect to the tremendous chessed shown to us by God.

yoni r. said...


Nice sentiment (and I'm not disagreeing), but it doesn't address my question (the second one, anyway). The video seems to imply that Tisha B'Av should be a day of rebuilding, and not one of mourning. I'm not questioning every other day of the year, just the one we have set aside for that.

Mrs Vogiel said...

Machon Shilo have produced a new nusach for Rahem for shemoneh esrei of Tisha B'Av, which can be found here:


Also a guide to the 3 weeks and 9 days here:


Here's hoping we don't have to go through Tisha B'av too many more times!

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