Thursday, September 26, 2013

JoeSettler made a mistake, and Israel is going to pay for it

It's not often that I'm wrong, and some of you might revel in that I made a mistake, except that the mistake I made is a bad one. Two weeks ago I read into Obama's statement, following his spectacularly bad Syrian fiasco that he would actually be dealing with his mess at home, and finally leave Israel alone. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Even worse, at the UN, Obama made it abundantly clear that he plans to double down on his pressure on Israel. He made it appear that he is linking that to dealing with Iran, though it's clear he won't do anything at all with Iran, that needs doing, except maybe invite Rouhani to dinner and a photo op. So, he just going to concentrate on making things bad for Israel. Obviously feels he hasn't screwed up the rest of the Middle East enough yet, so he needs to destabilize the only stable country in the region. Gee, thanks.

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Batya said...

Obama's on us, because only Israel is dumb enough to actually think he's smart and powerful.

Elise Ronan said...

Wouldn't it be nice if Israel just told Obama to go to hell like everyone else in the world...

Chana said...

"Wouldn't it be nice if Israel just told Obama to go to hell like everyone else in the world..."

Yes, We Can!

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