Thursday, January 02, 2014

Israel and PA Negotiations 2014

One of the more intriguing aspects of the ongoing coerced negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is the issue of "land swaps."  Since Tzippy Livni has accepted the notion that Israel captured the "West Bank" from the "Palestinians" in 1967, therefore Israel is required to part with 100% of the land area. 

Livni's largess towards the settlers provides for 3 or 4 settlement ghetto-blocs and in return, Israel will have to part with the equivalent land mass from pre-1967 Israel to placate the Palestinian Authority.

The intrigue revolves around an idea that to further the "2 States for 2 People" idea, and to keep Israel "Jewish and Democratic" (Livni and the USA's principles), that there must be a division of Israel's Jewish population and the "Palestinian Arab" population for their to be peace -- and to resolve the issue, there must be a (Jew-free) "Palestinian State."

Yesterday, the idea was leaked to the press that the land swaps could include the "Triangle" area within pre-1967 Israel which is predominantly comprised of Israeli Arabs (or as Israeli MK Ahmed Tibi prefers to call himself, a Palestinian Arab).  The borders would be redrawn and hundreds of thousands of Israeli Arabs would change their citizenship status -- and become citizens of the Palestinian Authority.

This would be a great idea for many reasons.

1. Currently, the Israeli Arab political parties, such as anti-Zionist Raam Taal party, do no want to see a "Jewish State" of Israel; they want Israel to be a "State of all its citizens" with no Jewish character at all. If they are already at odds with Israel as a "Jewish" State, they can be part of the "2 State solution" and live in the second state they so fervently advocate.  MK Tibi was Arafat's chief adviser, MK Hanin Zuabi was a on the Marmara terror ship to Gaza, and none of the Israeli Arab MKs signed the petition calling for Jonathan Pollard's release.   The Arab political parties simply have no common denominator with the rest of Israel.

2. The larger the areas of the Israeli Arab regions / Triangle given to the Palestinian Authority -- the larger the settlement blocs could be, thereby reducing the painful Livni plan of throwing tens of thousands of Jews out of their homes. 

3. The reduction of Israel's overall population would free-up huge monthly payouts from Israel's social security as well as reduce the burden on Israel's medical services and HMOs.

4. Israel would actually become "more Jewish and Democratic" (Livni's mantra).

5. Not one Israeli Arab would be relocated or transferred or thrown out of their home.  Rather their nationality would change to the one they already associate with.

6. And now the real reason I favor the idea: Not one Israeli Arab in their right mind would want to be part of the Palestinian Authority instead of being a citizen of the State of Israel -- every single Israeli Arab will vote AGAINST the plan in the "national referendum."   MK Tibi has gone insane against the plan which is exactly the reason I will fully support it.

Unfortunately, the USA and Livni will most probably leave out the land swaps idea with Israei Arab citizens because they want their plan to pass the national referendum....exposing Livni's hypocricy to all; the "peace" deal has absolutely nothing to do with securing Israel's future as "Jewish and Democratic."

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Michael Sedley said...

Why do you assume there would be a referendum? There was no referendum before Oslo was signed or Gush Katif as abandoned, and Israel currently has no referendum law.
Even a requirement for a "Super-majority" in the Knesset was rejected by the current coalition.

Daniel said...

Welcome backJameel. Where have you been?

Nachum said...

At least one Arab signed a separate petition asking for Pollard's freedom, although he compared it to Israeli prisoner releases.

The referendum passing *with* Arab votes would stink, stink, stink.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Michael: You are correct the law isn't on the books yet, but I believe the likelihood is high that it will be passed during this Knesset session.

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