Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ukraine Drafts Yeshiva Students!

In preparation for a possible war with Russia, Yeshiva students in Kiev have received draft notices from the Ukrainian army.
Meir Pavlovsky (29), a Kiev yeshiva student said he and a number of his friends received draft notices. Pavlovsky said that if drafted, he would move to Israel.  Pavlovsky was first drafted in 2002 for 2 years and then became religiously observant.  "It is impossible to be religious in the Ukrainian army," he said.  "There is no kosher food and you cannot observe halacha. You must be clean shaven daily and work on Shabbat -- the day for cleaning the base.  Whoever tries to draft me -- I will flee to Israel." (translated freely from NRG) and reported in the JewishPress
Coming on the heels of the anti-draft rally 2 days ago, in which signs were seen that Yeshiva students in Israel would flee Israel if forced to be drafted -- what could be more ironic.

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