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Where in the World is Mohammed Zoabi?

Where is the Muqata's friend -- Israeli-Arab Zionist Teenager, Mohammed Zoabi?

Many of you who have been following the Muqata FB page know about the Israeli-Arab Zionist teenager, Mohammed Zoabi - who proudly expressed his support for Israel, and not only condemned the abduction of the 3 Jewish teens this summer (as opposed to his infamous cousin, MK Hanin Zoabi -- the Hamas cheerleader in the Knesset), yet young Mohammed also threatened the terrorists that they should return the abducted teens safe and sound if they knew what was good for them.

Mohammed was ultimately correct, and while the 3 teens were already murdered at the time unbeknownst to us all, -- the terrorists who abducted and murdered the teens were all killed by the IDF.

Unfortunately, while Mohammad is a great example of loyalty, he received death threats and the police even uncovered a kidnapping plot against him -- by his own relatives! They planned to take him to a PA controlled city...for him to be "reprogrammed" and taught a lesson what happens when an Israeli Arab dares express loyalty to the State of Israel. We reported all this while it was happening, and then Mohammed went underground for his own safety. We respected his privacy...and kept him out of our newsfeed. an article in Yisrael HaYom, we learn that not only has Mohammed gone underground -- he has LEFT ISRAEL for his own safety.

What a tragedy that a brave Arab teenager has to flee Israel -- the same revolting Palestinian terrorism that he spoke out against, has been used against him to silence his criticism of terrorism and his loyalty to the State of Israel.

Mohammed Zoabi -- where ever you are, we pray for your safety, and thank you for your loyalty.

Jameel and The Muqata Staff.

Translation of the enclosed Hebrew article: (by Jameel)

Appears in Yisrael Hayom Newspaper, Sept 28, 2014

The Israeli Arab teen who condemned the abduction has fled Daniel Siryoti
The Israeli Arab teen from Northern Israel who condemned on Facebook the abduction of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad She'ar and Naftali Fraenkel has been forced to leave Israel due to death threats against him.
The teen uploaded a video to Facebook after the 3 yeshiva high school students were abducted, and condemned the action, calling terrorists and their supporters "cowards" and demanded that the teens be released. In the video, the teen states he is a Muslim, and also a loyal citizen to the State of Israel and its Democratic values. The video went viral and shortly thereafter, the teem receives angry responses from the Arab community. In response to death threats, also from his family, he was forces to leave his house where he lived with his mother, and go underground.
Over the past weekend, the teen opened a new Facebook page, after he had to close his previous one where he condemned the abduction. On his new page he wrote: "I am a proud Muslim, Arab Zionist." He also explained that he now lives outside of Israel after he was forced to flee due to death threats.
His mother explained she supported her son's move outside of Israel and said of her son: "He is a wonderful person and never did anything wrong to anyone. The treatment he is receiving is unfair. The treatment I am receiving is as if I killed someone. People turn their back on me and don't speak to me.
We don't deserve this."

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