Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chief Justice Aharon Barak: Hypocrite of the Century

Relating the statement (Muqata Quiz #2) below on the abuse of Human Rights, to throw someone out of their home -- it was written in a judicial ruling by none other than Israel's foremost judicial activist, Chief Justice Aharon Barak. It wasn't a lament on the sorry state of the Gush Katif refugees, rather, his legal opinion (and judicial ruling), negating Israel's (the IDF's) right in 2002 to deport a terrorist from his home in Judea/Samaria to the Gaza Strip. Supreme Court Case 7015/12 "Kifach Muhamad and Ahmed Ajury vs Commander of IDF forces"

This is a clear example of how people who act kindly to the evil, end up being evil to the meek.
Then again, its only a hop, skip and a jump from forbidding the expulsion of terrorists, to throwing Jews out of their homes, to allowing the destruction of synagogues.

The Muqata quiz will return soon.

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