Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Last Jew [remains] in Gaza.

A Jewish woman, Miriam married an Arab in the early fifties. She had moved to Israel from Libya, and then, while hanging out in El-Arish in Egypt, she met and married Rajik Al-Chalak. They lived in El Arish, and her husband was coaxed into joining the Israeli "Shabak" (secret service). When Israel left the Sinai, the family moved to Dahaniya in the Gaza Strip. Miriam died a few years ago, and was buried in the Dahaniya cemetery.

Most of the Arab families living in Dahaniya were agents for Israel and right before the "disengagement", the majority were relocated to other parts of Israel -- for fear of brutal retaliation by the Palestinians. The Imam of Dahaniya required that the mosque of Dahaniya be destroyed, to keep it from being defiled by the Palestinians. Yet Israel ignored the request to move the bodies from the cemetery.

Reports from Gaza say that the Arab cemetery has been bulldozed and destroyed, and the bones of Miriam are strewn around.

pictured here - Dahaniya in the Gaza Strip, cemetery circled in red.

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