Sunday, September 18, 2005

Israel Radio: Hundreds of Thousands of Guns Transferred into Gaza via Egypt

This shocking headline was reported on Israel Radio channel 2 (Reshet Bet) today, and appeared on their web site. I had read this earlier on the debka website, but normally read their reports with a grain of salt. However, when the same story appears on Reshet Bet, is more than a bit worrying, though I can't say that this information is surprising.

Since the Reshet Bet story was so shocking (and bound to surprise quite a few Likud Central committee members), its probably not going to be on-line much longer. Here's a link to an unedited screenshot of the news report.

The report also mentioned the following weapons transferred to Gazastan: long range Katyusha rockets, anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft weapons, and hundreds of thousands of AK-47's -- which are destined to change the balance of power in the region.

All of this occurred last week when the IDF ran out of Gaza. First the synagogues were ransacked and destroyed by Palestinian Arab mobs. Second, the remaining Gush Katif greenhouses that were supposed to provide additional livelihood for the Arabs -- were completely razed by the same mobs. Needing an outlet, the crossed the border into Egypt and started a massive weapons transfer program, bringing in everything they could from Egypt into PA controlled Gazastan.

Of course, the PA and Egyptians were supposed to prevent that from happening, as Sharon and company promised the Israeli people. Ooops, we interrupt this blog to bring you a newsflash: 13:29 Israel Standard Time, Palestinians open fire from PA controlled Gazastan (Erez area) on an IDF armored personnel carrier in Israel. No reports of injuries.

Where's the IDF powerful response that Sharon promised? Probably figuring out which caliber spitball to use.

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