Monday, September 12, 2005

US State Dept. Lurking at The Muqata

One of the nice features of the "site meter" at the bottom of this blog is the ability to see where our viewers hail from on planet Earth. While I don't generate as much traffic as fellow bloggers The G-dolHador, Dovbear, OrthoMom and Joe Settler, someone at the US State Department has started regularly viewing this blog.

I'm not a big fan of the US State Department policy, which forces its opinions and policies on the US Executive and defines Foreign Policy in a way not consistent with the US Legislature. Its pro-Arabist stance can be seen in policies ranging from refusal to allow the Executive branch to implement Legislature approved policy of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, or even writing the country "Israel" next to the word "Jerusalem" on the Birth Certificate of Foreign Born Americans, who were born in Jerusalem. They were born on planet Jerusalem -- with no country, because of US State Department policy. The US Congress overwhelmingly supports Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, yet the State Department has its own agenda.

I don't blame the current and previous Secretaries of State - for the most part, I believe that Rice and Powell were truly revolted by having to deal with the Palestinian Terrorist Organizations, Palestinian Authority, and their henchman. They probably revile in the handshakes of Muhamad Dahlan, the current "PA Minister of the Interior", who masterminded the RPG attack on the Gush Katif school bus, in which 2 people were killed, and the Cohen children lost their legs.

However, for the US State Dept. to bend over backwards to protect the PA is abhorrent. Just 2 weeks ago, an America family from Israel, who's children were murdered by PA terrorists, won a court order freezing all PA assets in the United States. However, you can be sure the US State Dept. will ensure they never collect a dime.

Just yesterday Palestinian mobs thronged into Gush Katif, and in a orgy of jihad induced anti-semitism, they burned each and every synagogue. Arutz Sheva reported as follows:

During the midnight hours, mobs began swarming onto several formerly-Jewish areas even before the last Israeli soldiers had left. This, despite the fact that PA officials had said they would attempt to prevent entry of Arabs to the newly-abandoned areas, and declare them "closed military zones."

They mobs poured into N'vei Dekalim, Morag, Kfar Darom and Netzarim, setting out for the synagogues and trying to burn them down. The buildings are mainly concrete and therefore did not catch fire, but black smoke continues to darken the skies above the former Jewish towns. The IDF had hung orange signs on the 21 synagogues in Gush Katif, declaring them a "holy place."

The United States, which takes credit for disseminating the concepts of freedom of religion and respect for religious sites, condemned Israel for its decision not to destroy Jewish places of worship in Gaza.

"The decision places the Palestinian Authority in a no-win situation," said a State Department spokesman.

What exactly is the no-win situation? While the United States is based upon the pillars of religious freedom, why does the State Dept. believe that Palestinians do not need to be held to the same moral standard? In fact, even if the Palestinians were burning churches, the State Dept. would probably have raised the same comment.

US State Department policy is an embarrassment to morality, the Constitution, and American Democracy.

The US State Department blog lurkers are free to comment; unlike the Palestinians they pander to, I won't delete their comments or threaten their freedom of religion, free speech, or their pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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