Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Zionists without Borders

Some great contemporary Israelis in news around the world:

1. Israeli couple decides to get "married" in a ritual Indian ceremony. Couple kisses each other, enraging the Indian clerics, who have the couple arrested. The State of Israel watches with bated breath to see what will happen. They get off the hook, with a token fine. Note the last line in the article: "India has tough obscenity laws and kissing in public is frowned upon in the largely conservative country. Last October, local residents in the western state complained to authorities that a group of Israeli women had danced naked near Pushkar. " Source:

2. Our great Judicial Activist SuperHero, Chief Justice Aharon Barak's son-in-law -- also a retired judge and lawyer, has fled Israel after being questioned by Police on massive fraud and embezzlement charges. Dan Cohen is also accused of threatening judges, bribing judges, and a litany of other felonys. Source:

3. The previous Israeli MK and Energy Minister, Gonen Segev was supposed to get a vacation from prison. Someone in jail apparently got hold of his real vacation plans, and he also planned to skip the country (maybe to join Dan Cohen?). Prison Authorities have cancelled his vacation plans until further notice. Gonen Segev is in jail for 5 years for drug smuggling tens of thousands of ecstasy pills to Israel, and using his diplomatic passport to facilitate his smuggling operations. His real claim to fame though, was being the 61rst MK to support the Oslo process, giving the much needed majority to Rabin and Peres in 1995. They gave him the energy ministry and a Volvo so that there would be enough Jews and Arab MKs to obtain the massive majority of one in the Knesset. Thousands of dead later, and out of politics, he went into the next logical business after chasing Israeli Leftist ideology - drug smuggling.


Anonymous said...

you say it like it is!


that a group of Israeli women had danced naked near Pushkar NOW THAT'S NUTZ

Cosmic X said...

The link you gave for the Dan Cohen story is the same as the Indian wedding story.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

cosmic-x: Right you are. Sorry about that - will fix it now. Wouldn't want super judge coming after me with a Libel suit (and I don;t even wear a suit!)

Anonymous said...

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