Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Netzarim's Synagogue - Sept 12, 2005

ברוך דין האמת

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Anonymous said...

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Cosmic X said...


You can configure your comments so you won't get that kind of spam.

Little Wolf said...

I had read an article yesterday that reported, I believe, that the Palestinian Interior Minister (Whatever that is exactly) referred to many of the synagoges in Gaza as ramshackle. Perhaps this is one of the synagoges he was referring to.


where is kahne now?

yid pashut said...

just visiting for the first time, and I really appreciate your site.

My letters to Haaretz and Melchior were sent with no expectation of a reply from either, and 24 hours later, nothing yet. I write hoping it will be received civilly, but what I believe is much closer to the way you worded your comments.

Really nice images, including that Gaza postcard. Where did you find them?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Holy Yehudi Pashut; Images are all over the web. A great place to check is rotter.net - the "scoopim" section.

Mechior is head of the Moezet Kitanei Hatorah -- and his furthering of Oslo makes him worthy of no respect.

Anonymous said...


As long as those toilet bowls are on Har HaBayit, we'll see plenty more of these scenes, r"l...

"your houses are ceiled, while Mine lies in ruins", etc.; those sin-a-gogs were very nice, how about a "human chain" on Har HaBayit.

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