Wednesday, September 14, 2005

MDA and the Red Magen David - An Obsolete Symbol?

The International Red Cross, and Red Crescent Organizations are considering for the first time in history, accepting into its ranks, Magen David Adom, Israel's national emergency medical organization.

Part of the story is reported here in English (the additional info is in the Hebrew link),7340,L-3141766,00.html

The catch?

1. MDA needs to part with its symbol - the Red Magen David. (Star of David) and accept the "internationally accepted" Red Cross and Red Crescent symbols.

2. MDA emergency workers will not be allowed to carry weapons of any kind.

Unfortunately, the MDA is seriously considering the offer. They don't see the importance of the actual symbol; the bottom line is saving lives. Carrying weapons? Reduction of personal safety of MDA medics is a small price to pay, considering the honor of being part of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

As a volunteer MDA EMT medic and ambulance driver, I'm appalled by this announcement. I carry a weapon for self defense; MDA ambulances are stoned countless times by Arabs (even when going to help them), and its suicidal to drive in parts of Israel and Judea/Samaria without a handgun for self-defense.

Lets start a poll - please let me know if you think its the right thing to do to forgo the symbol of the Magen David Adom, the Red Star of David, and the right to carry a handgun for self defense, in exchange for acceptance of the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

If MDA would accept this, I would not want to volunteer anymore for an organization, so embarrassed of its Judaism.


Anonymous said...

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Little Wolf said...

Is MDA planning on changing it's name as well. I mean isn't going to be a little strange for an organization call the Red Star of David to have a red cross and/or a red cresent as the symbol.

My personal opinion is that they should tell the International Society of the Red Cross/Red Cresent to stick the rules where the sun don't shine.

Yehudit Yerushalmi said...

I am as appalled by your willingness to give aid to Arabs who stone you as you are with the willingness of MDA to consider giving up its symbol. We are at war with these people. They are the enemy. And yes, MDA is itself sick for continuing to apply for membership in this organization!

This is the same sickness that causes all the medical professionals in Israel to boast of treating the bomber right alongside his victims and expecting the world to give us a pat on the back for it.

I bow my head in shame.

Cosmic X said...

Let's hope that MDA will tell the IRC: "Take us the way we are or leave us !"


Cosmic X maybe you've never met us,we are jews and as such we cow tow to the gentiles

Anonymous said...

Well the jEWS HERE IN iSRAEL i hope won't kowtow.
Please explain will there not be any magen david?that's outrageous.You know what's also terribleof course not on the same level that GH and DB did not post about the burning of the synagogues by our 'dear cousins' .Or is this only a'Israeli issue.?

Anonymous said...

plese explain are they actually completely forgoing on the magen david?

Anonymous said...

forgoing on the Magen David is not such a big deal, but forgoing on weapons is something that MDA drivers and volunteers will simply ignore. They will NOT compromise on their personal safety for some BS organization. Remember - the first rule for any EMT is SAFETY!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

anonymous: lots of pathetic people out there will compromise on their safety (and if MDA says so, they will).

Safety First? Too bad Israel didn't think of that when they ran away from Gaza. Do you know how many missles and grenades of been shot/lobbed at Israel since we ran out of Gaza?

Its "Peace" first...ask questions later. (more like, pick up the pieces later - my friends from ZAKA can tell you all about that)

Anonymous said...

i agree with little wolf:
tell 'em to stick their "rules" where the sun dont shine.
btw are the israelis considering the christian symbol or the muslim symbol?

great blog, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Update: MDA ambulance just stoned by Arabs near Azzun (road 55, Shomron). Front Window smashed in.

Anonymous said...

Update: MDA ambulance just stoned by Arabs near Azzun (road 55, Shomron). Front Window smashed in.

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