Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Destroying the Gaza Synagogues: Deconstructing Zionism.

While the world worries about the US Katrina Calamity, far away from the limelight, a heated battle is going on in Israel concerning the destruction of the 22 shuls and yeshivot that remain in the Gaza strip. The government's intention was to blow them up and leave 154 public buildings standing for the use of the Palestinians. Yet, for the meantime, the Israeli Supreme Court is annoying the hell out of Sharon's plan. After multiple petitions to the Court from different Rabbis, the court has issued an injunction preventing the government and IDF from destroying the shuls.

The court has requested from the government to examine the possibility of the buildings being guarded by the PA, or by a third party. The government asked the PA, who flatly turned down the offer, saying they could not guarantee the safety of the buildings, and were worried that PA ransacking of the shuls would give Israel the excuse to destroy mosques in Israel.

The big questions are as follows:

Why is the Israeli government so concerned about the fate of these shuls? Does anyone honestly believe that this government is so worried about the fate of the physical structure of these buildings?

Are they worried it will look bad for these shuls to be destroyed by their peace partners?

Even more interesting is the fury of the Left at the very notion of keeping these shuls standing.

They say that rightwing, messianic rabbis want to show the world (at the expense of the shuls) the evil of the Palestinians.

The answer is very simple, yet no one wants to come out and write it. (so here it is).

The Israeli Government and the Left want every shred of evidence of Jewish life removed from Gaza to prevent anyone from imagining that a return to Gaza will be possible. They want every last bastion of religion that could possibly connect Judaism to Eretz Yisrael to be removed.

Kill the Dream of Return.

This is the real reason they are terrified of leaving the shuls behind. Even if they were boarded up, and guarded 24x7, the government does not want anything to remain.

Before I forget, the British have a WWI cemetary in Gaza which even has Jewish British soldiers buried there. Its gaurded, yet not destroyed. Maybe it is possible to leave shuls and cemetaries in Gaza? Of course its possible, but Israel wants all Jews out, alive or dead, including the shuls.

Yet, the day will come, when we will return and rebuild. Maybe not me, but my children, or their children will rebuild the Jewish communities of Gaza.


Ze'ev said...

Great Post. your analysis is spot on. Sadly, not only is the Left in Israel trying to erase any Jewish connection to the lands from which they have expelled Jews from their homes, but just as bad, is that within the State of Israel itself they are working to promote awareness of the Arab claim to the land, as can be seen from this post:

Scary stuff.

Cosmic X said...

This just in:
Court Okays Demolition of Synagogues

Anonymous said...

right on!Itis so clear.But it goes further the state wants to be DEMOCRATIC and jewish.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Daat y: The "State" no longer knows what the "Jewish" part of Israel is. They don't even know what the "democratic" part is either. The elite families which run the country are rabidly secular, and it can be seen in all walks of life in the country.

The big question is: Where do we go from here? The secular state does not want to see any religious Jews, except on a token basis -- and definitly not in any leadership capacity that may threaten the secular choke-hold on the country.

The Meretz party clearly stated 12 years ago that after they succeed in getting rid of YESHA, their next goal is to eradicate any connection between the State and the Judaism. To this point, they have even suggested bringing into Israel waves of non-Jews to help their numbers which are being challenged daily by the baby-boom of religious families.

Sadly, many good hearted Jews are "pro-disengagement" and don't even realize what trap they are being led into.

The large Israeli flag that flew from my home for the past 12 years has been replaced with a black and orange one.

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