Monday, September 19, 2005

Muqata Quiz #2.

Who wrote the following inflammatory statement:

The basic starting point, in which removal of a person from his domicile, and forced transfer to a different location severely impacts his dignity, his freedom, and his property. A person's home is not just a roof over his head, but a means of physical and social attachment to a locale, [including] a person's private life, and social cohesiveness. A number of basic human rights are impacted by transferring a person against his will to a different location, even if the transfer does not cross an international border. The origins of these human rights are partially based on internal law of different countries, and partially anchored in the norms of international law.

נקודת המוצא העקרונית הינה, כי הוצאתו של אדם ממקום מגוריו והעברתו הכפויה למקום אחר פוגעת קשות בכבודו, בחירותו ובקניינו. ביתו של אדם אינו רק קורת גג לראשו אלא גם אמצעי למיקומו הפיזי והחברתי של אדם, של חייו הפרטיים ויחסיו החברתיים. מספר זכויות אדם בסיסיות נפגעות בשל עקירתו הלא רצונית של אדם מביתו והעברתו למקום אחר, גם אם העברה זו אינה כרוכה בחצייתו של גבול מדיני. זכויות אדם אלה מקורן בחלקן במשפט הפנימי של המדינות השונות, ובחלקן מעוגנות הן בנורמות של המשפט הבינלאומי
Which flagrant anti-disengagement activist wrote the above? Email or post your answer in the comments section.
Regards from the Muqata.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a statement from our great Judicial Diktator, his Honour, rev. Aharon Barak of the High Court of Justice of Israel (yeah).


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Truth: Who are you? I'm in shock and awe that you figured it out so quickly! However, for you to be eligable to win, you need to tell me the situation that he said it.

Anonymous said...

> Who wrote the following inflammatory statement:
> Which flagrant anti-disengagement activist wrote the above?
the bagats against exiling muhharibun from our hilltops to the gaza plain.



you wrote to me
" honestly don't understand why you don't start making serious plans for aliya. The storm is coming...why wait to be a refugee in BeerSheva in a carvan, when you can come now and buy a home (with A/C)"

daat y said...

obiously you were being sarcastic.I was alo thinking of Barak but' he'anti-disengagement'.The only hope is he's retiring soon.

daat y said...

I showed it to my wife.She said either Chanan Porat or Uzi Landau wrote it.
Well aren't Palestinians more important?

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