Sunday, September 04, 2005

Urgent Last Call to help Rescue Gush Katif Greenhouses

This coming Wednesday (Sept 7.) is the last day Gush Katif will be open for any civilian volunteers to help dissassemble the remaining Jewish owned greenhouses in what remains of Gush Katif. If you are able-bodied to do physical labor (in the sun) and help with this tremendous mitzva, please call (in Israel) 02-652-2582 or Ditza at 052-521-9389.

The importance of this task is two-fold:

1. Help rescue the parnasa/welfare/economic livelihood of Gush Katif farmers. The amounts of financial compensation from the Israel government is not nearly enough for most farmers to restart their lives. Helping take apart (and reconstruct in Israel) these greenhouses, and shipping the remaining produce will be a huge financial boost for these farmers.

2. Anything leftover will be given to the Palestinians. The same evil Palestinian terrorists who proved to the world that "crime pays", do not deserve anything leftover from the Gush Katif expulsion, let alone greenhouses and produce of the Jews they tried so hard to murder.

Tizku L'Mitzvot!

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