Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stop Blaming Sharon!

Many fellow bloggers have sent me email about the "alleged" scandal brewing against Ariel Sharon. They say that in that in the remaining hour before he returned back home to Israel from the UN this week, he attended a gala campaign fund-raising dinner at 10,000 per couple. Yes, the Israeli campaign solicitation laws prevent personal donations of more than $3000/person, but as a member of the Likud Central committee, I'm loathe to believe that Ariel Sharon would stoop so low, as to illegally raise funds for his upcoming campaign.

See this HaAretz article (now that its almost Sukkot, you can get rid of last year's etrog)

I'm sure that a man of Ariel Sharon's integrity, if he did in fact attend such a dinner, and if in fact, it cost $10,000 a couple, had nothing to do with any illegal activities.

If any money was raised, I'm sure it must have been for the Gush Katif refugees he expelled from their homes.

The spare change will go to the Katrina refugees.


daat y said...

yes.Now that I get your humor.In fact he came to that apartment by accident.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Whats frightening is that I just heard his "official" excuse: The Likud hasn't voted yet to have primaries, so therefore, they weren't election campaign donations, because there is no election on the horizon.

He's scary.

daat y said...

he's evil!

daat y said...

he's evil!

Little Wolf said...


Please, he is only raising money to help the poor Likudniks that will need the money to help him er.. I meant likud maintain power in the upcoming, yet undeclared, general election. (yeah that's it.)

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