Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Capitulation to Terror: Mugrabi Gate Bridge project halted.

Haaretz is reporting that the current plan to build a new bridge to the Mugrabi Gate Entrance to the Temple Mount has been withdrawn. Effectively, there are no entrances for Jews to visit the Temple Mount and no simple way for the Israeli Police to enter the Temple Mount when the Arabs riot and throw stones at Kotel worshipers.

Yisrael Meidad has all the background information (up until the project was canceled a few minutes ago) and JoeSettler has the pictures.

And you wonder why we lost the war in Lebanon this summer...

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Anonymous said...

**********This needs immediate action. ************ All Israeli 'pro' blogs need to be alerted, so that their viewers can begin a mass email campaign to uncover the LIARS for what they are.

Everyone that fights this attempt to deny our governmental rights to fix this area is helping to bring Moshiach. This was the WRONG thing to do, Mr. Lupolianski and Mr. "keeper of the Kotel"!!!

JoeSettler said...

Thanks for the link.

Now go talk about the "game".

Ways of Zion said...


Moshe has a nice article above on Aruzt Sheva. G-d Bless.

Lion of Zion said...

how depressing that you have a label titled capitulation.

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