Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Positively HATE, DESPISE, DETEST, LOATH New Blogger

The above error occurred when trying to access blogs all morning.

The migration to new blogger was rather painless...yet I knew this would happen. The REAL migraine started only a few minutes later after the "upgrade". (Downgrade is more like it)

Comments from readers included:

"Just to let you know since your technical difficulties blog I haven't been able to get your blog to bloglines" --DS

"Joe, since you and Jameel are sort of cousins, is his site experiencing trouble (again)? I can't leave a comment." --Neshama (left on joesettler's blog)

"Jameel you cockyhead, why isn't your blog working?" --RenReb [she didn't really write that...but if she read my blog more often she probably would have written it]

I think that Blogger should just put up the following video till they fix their software.

(Doesn't that sound give you the willies?)

But the real problem is that even for people who know what they're doing with computers, software, technical blogging, etc., they also get messed up.

In any event, I'm still looking for feedback on the mysterious Oz graffiti....

Happy TuBishvat in advance of Shabbat. Here's my posting (and pictures) from last year. This year I was too busy taking pictures of Oz graffiti.

Shabbat Shalom and a Happy Tu BiShvat!


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kasamba said...

NOOOOOOOOOO- the dark side is darker than I thought!!!!!!

A Simple Jew said...

I have noticed this error on numerous blogs including mine this morning :(

Well, I am glad to see it is not just me. Misery loves company.

Lion of Zion said...


how do you capture a screen and display it on your blog that?

Liza said...

I've been getting that error too. Definitely annoying, but I found that if I clicked the Reload button, the blog eventually loaded.

Give New Blogger a few weeks. I was also totally frustrated with it at the beginning, and then slowly things started to work out.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Liza: I played with new (beta) blogger...and wasn't very happy. However, we don't really have a choice now, and I dont think Im going to switch to a different publisher.

Ari: Assuming you have some flavor of Microsloth Windows;

1. Press the "PrintScreen" button on your keyboard. (This copies the entire screen to the "clipboard")

2. Open MicroSoft "Paint" application (Start | All Programs | Applications | Paint)

3. In the Paint application, chose "Paste" from the "Edit" menu. Then click anywhere in the area of the paint application. This will copy your entire saved screen to there.

4. Using the "Select" Tool (A Square made up of dots...right below the "Edit" menu option) -- select the area of the screen you wish you use (unless you want to use the entire screen capture, in which case you just Use "Save As", give it a filename, and upload it to blogger).

5. After selection the area, Go to the Edit menu again, and click "Copy".

6. Open a new copy of the "Paint" application, and Go to Edit | Paste. You can then save the file with a name...and upload it to Blogger.

Hope that helps!

PsychoToddler said...

Well, didn't know about it until ASJ emailed me, but I've got it too now, I guess. Oddly, I was able to get here.

The main issue I've had with New Blogger (other than it stealing my soul) is that it merged my two blogger accounts without telling me. I have a...serious...acount under my real name with which I make Rose's Story and then of course my goofy PT account. Problem is, I really don't want people looking for Rose's story to find my blog.

Normally this wouldn't be that big a deal, however my daughter's former HS is doing a thing on Holocaust Survivors and using the website as a resource. You can imagine what hilarity will ensue now that the accounts are linked.

Lion of Zion said...

thanks. the instructions seem simple enough and i will try it at out when i get home tonight.

Jack Steiner said...

Sorry folks, I broke New Blogger Beta. I accidentally crossed the streams and blip. It seems to be fixed now.

Gee a Moron said...

I opened a Blogger account a few months ago when Jameel said that he would no longer accept anonymous postings. This even though I'm not (yet) ready to start my own blog.

After the Muqata moved to new Blogger when I wanted to post a comment it insisted on looking for a Google account even though it said it could accept old Blogger accounts. I spent 15 minutes looking for how to convert an account, another 15 minutes looking for how to create a Google account and another 15 minutes till it was set up. The instructions were less than helpful. What a waste of time

Pragmatician said...

It works just fine if you refresh a page ad infinitum!
BTW I equally dislike word verification.

Sarah Likes Green said...

well your blog did seem to be broken just now, i got that stupid error message but then i deleted 'index' off the end of the url and it worked fine. but i'm sorry that you seem to be having problems.

secondly: 'microsloth' - muhahahahahaha!!!

PsychoToddler said...

Well, blogger is at least acknowledging the problem, although they are claiming that it's "fixed", which it clearly is not.

dsvid41 said...

about oz - my kids said its oz yomru lagoyim but they don't know who they heard it from

smb said...

That happened to me when I was trying to post a comment on another blog. And I had to type it again.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Searching Google for "blogger sucks" gave me 50,600 hits (and rising by the minute ;-)

projgen said...

I had the same feed problem with my blog as someone mentioned - bloglines was giving an error saying my feed doesn't exist. With the "new and improved (ha!)" Googgler, the feed on bloglines has to be:

If you have ".../atom.xml/buser=..." as the blog URL it won't work. I had to manually fix all my blog subscriptions that still had the "buser..." part in there.

Jacob Da Jew said...

I had the same issues..I asked Lakewood Venter to which he replied:

"Havent seen it yet,Some of us work for a living lol".

Really now..
Anyways ,thanks for the comment on my blog.

Daled Amos said...

Hi, my name is Daled Amos and I've been a user of New Blogger for 3 months.

Wow, I'm glad I got that off my chest. problem is that when I log out of Blogger, it automatically closes my gmail access.

But I'm always expecting worse problems.

Jack Steiner said...

"Havent seen it yet,Some of us work for a living lol".

I almost choked when I read that.

PsychoToddler said...

I get many hits daily off my old post "blogger sucks".

Anonymous said...

I saw some "Oz" graffiti on the way to Kochav Yaakov this past Friday. Very random.

Unknown said...

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