Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jameel and Family are All Right



Jameel and Family are in Hevron and under attack. Once again Jameel finds himself with a loaded weapon inside Maarat Hamachpela (normally not something allowed anymore since Baruch Goldstein).

Upon exiting the Maarah a few minutes ago, Jameel and family suddenly came under shooting attack by Arab terrorists hiding around the corner of the Maarah.

Jameel jumped on his kids and threw them into a corner as soldiers returned fire.

The emergency siren went off, with hastily barked orders reminiscent of the A Train, as everyone was told to hug the ground and people in the Maarah were not allowed out.

At that point everyone in Jameel's area ran into the Maarah for safety.

The army is currently spread out and searching the Kasbah the terrorists.

To help cheer up the scared children everyone started singing v'Samachta v'chagecha.

More updates to follow.

CORRECTION: The shooting came from the Kasbah, and not the Arab exit from the Maarah as originally thought.

Update 5:41: Jameel and family safely on the way home.
No one was wounded in the attack.

Jameel now asks: Was the terrorist released by Olmert and Peres yesterday?

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Anonymous said...

Sad and alarming that you think that is amusing.

JoeSettler said...

What part was amusing?

This was a real time report of events, entered word-for-word as reported by Jameel.

Jack Steiner said...

That is a pretty scary thing. Glad to hear that everyone is ok.

The back of the hill said...

Boruch Hashem.

Anonymous said...

My sincere apologies. I had no idea these were real events. Obviously, I'm so sorry to have written what I did. I hope everyone is OK.

JoeSettler said...



Rafi G. said...

whew. we heard a gunshot when we were this mornign for vasikin, but nothing more... good to hear you are ok

come running said...

I'm glad to know everyone's ok. Hope the rest of chag is uneventful and safe

Shira Salamone said...

Baruch Hashem that all of you are unharmed, and I certainly hope you stay that way!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

thanks all.

I must admit; our kids were great. They sang songs to calm everyone down, (Visamachta bichagecha, shir hamaalot) -- and were very upbeat the whole time.

José Cohen said...

Col tuv, Jameel! My solidarity:


Chag Sameaj!

Anonymous said...

B"H, you are all well and safe! Have a wonderful Yom Tov!

Anonymous said...

BH no one was hurt, hashgacha pratis because my cousin was going to go at 2'ish to shake lulav with the soldiers but we were shmoozing all day.

Why does 1 report say it was a toy gun and the other says arabs were shooting?

Either I will not be intimidated, last week it was a 8 inch knife.. but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Anonymous said...

Elchonon, there were two separate events. First the Arabs shot. Then later after the event was over, a kid went over to the soldiers with a toy gun and lit fire crackers.

Another meshugannah mommy said...

Thank G-d your family and you are all okay.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d y'all are okay.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you included chevron as a chol hamoed visit, the avos and imahoes wait for us daily.
B"H all is well..chag sameach

Anonymous said...

And all those idiots living in Sderot and sending their kids to school.

Such nerve of those parents, putting their kids in harms way instead of moving to a new country.

Those Clint Eastwood heroes in Sderot should be ashamed of themselves.

I feel no sympathy for those people, and they deserve what they get for trying to live normal lives in the Jewish State (or for at least as long as it is part of the the Jewish State, and we don't disengage from there because it is too dangerous to visit).

And don't go to any hotels either while you're at it.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Raananamom: How did we deliberately put anyone in harms way? The IDF and Israeli police secure Hevron, and announce that it's safe to go there.

Are you one of those idiots that let their children ride in cars? Last time I checked, there were many children killed this week in cars in Israel, yet thankfully, none in Hevron.

Then again -- did you also run away from Rananana during the gulf war when the scuds were coming?

Anonymous said...

"...did you also run away from Rananana during the gulf war when the scuds were coming?"

And if you didn't, wouldn't that smack of hypocrisy?

For that matter, what are you doing here in the Middle East at all? You know you're surrounded by millions who would love to see you dead, and many many of them who would love to be the ones to actually put you into that condition.


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, it strikes me that raananamom may have simply forgotten to include "/sarc" at the end of her comment. In which case, my apologies for not catching your drift earlier.


pacobetis said...

Todo mi apoyo cariño y solidaridad compañero

Cosmic X said...


Are you for real?

Iojanan said...

SHALOM..! From Spain. ( Granada )
Un abrazo para toda la familia.


Elentir said...

Regards from Galicia (Spain), embraces for Jameel and his family!


Anonymous said...

Regards from Cantabria (Spain),
Thank G-d your family and you are all okay.

mnuez said...

Oh my God.

I assume that my caring/angry/... sentiments would be similar to the ones that everyone else would offer. I'll read into the comments here to see whether you've written any update. Anyhow Gavriel (I'm not going to call you Jameel and I don't know your actual name) I'm happy that you and yours are safe and, as one whose been in the same place on similar occassions many a time, I vicariously feel the complex of emotions that one feels when something like this occurs.

Goddamn, I wish we actually had any real leaders... An old and tired lament but still so so true.

Kol Tuv and a gitten Isru Chag.


mnuez said...

And responding to ranranranawaymaam would be too easy - like shooting fish in a barrel, so I'll leave it. People like her have a lot of nerve which makes answering their disgusting accusations quite tempting but it's a job anyone can do half-asleep so we'll let it be.

Anyhow Gavriel, Chazak V'Ematz!!


Anonymous said...

So I hear you are all going to apologize to your enemies.

What am I talking about?

Check this Link.



Jack Steiner said...

Someone is really not going to be invited over for waffles.

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H WOW! Baruch HaShem you're alright! I take it you said "Birkath HaGomel?"

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are all ok. Perhaps you should put the link to the story in the post itself - I also wondered if JoeSettler was pulling our leg until I read the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thank God all are OK. Big hugs to everyone.

And of course the kids were great! They are the b'nei Jameel. Being cool under fire is their birthright.

A very quiet and peaceful year to everyone. (A girl can dream...)

mother in israel said...

Baruch Hashem that you are all okay.

JoeSettler said...

wbm: Why would I kid around like that? Every one thinks I'm a joker.

I admit, it was funny talking to Jameel on the phone while hearing the bullets in the background, but only because nearly every time we've been in the middle of a shooting attack, we happened to have been together. But for some strange reason, this time my wife sent me food shopping for the holiday.

It does answer the question we both had... which one of us was the magnet for trouble.

Lurker said...

To raananamom:

So what excuse do you have for yourself, being that you are another "idiot deliberately [putting her] kids in harm's way"? What are you doing here in Israel, which is targetted daily by terrorist murderers? You have chosen to put your children into Raanana, of all places -- a mere stone's throw from Kalkilya, a major hotbed or Palestinian terrorism, and a regular target for terrorist plans (see here for just one example).

The U.S. State Department has issued a strongly-worded travel advisory regarding Israel. They warn that there is a high threat of suicide bombimgs, and urge those who insist on coming anyway to avoid "large crowds and public gatherings", especially in "restaurants, cafes, malls, places of worship, and theaters". Furthermore, it says that "public buses, trains and their respective terminals are 'off-limits' to U.S. Government personnel". Why do you consider your own children to be more expendable than adult, trained professionals working for the U.S. Government? Who do you think you are, some sort of "gun toting Clint Eastwood hero"?

As if all this weren't enough, you have also deliberately put your kids into missle range of Hizbulla's rockets and Syria's stockpile of deadly chemical and biological weapons. And Ra'anana is expected to be a primary target when Assad decides to make his long-awaited move.

So what will you say when your children come under attack in the next war or terrorist attack? How will you excuse yourself after they're "scarred for life" -- or worse?

And even if your poor kids manage to avoid getting blown up, shot, stabbed, gassed or poisoned to death -- they stand a good chance of being vaporized into radioactive ash, just as soon as Mahmoud Ahmedinejad completes his nuclear weapons program, and makes good on his oft-repeated promise to "wipe Israel off the map".

To paraphrase you: I feel only sympathy for your kids and extreme anger at the parents. You should be ashamed of yourself.

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

You are an idiot.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Raanana Mom, you've been officially bitched slapped by the homies.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Jameel - glad you and all the other holy Jews in Hevron are safe.

Raananamom I'll leave you to the piranhas...

I will admit that I don't go to Hevron during Chol hamoed because of safety - because once I was almost trampled with my kids trying to get on a bus in Jerusalem. I'll go to Hevron almost any time EXCEPT chol hamoed. And Shabbat Chayei Sara. :)

Almost Jerusalem said...

Baruch Hashem you are all right. The news report on jpost was awfully parve about it, and didn't say anything about the bystanders.

What I want to know, is what sort of crazy kid brandishes a toy gun and fire-crackers in front of soldiers who were just involved in a firefight with real guns!

bec said...

we're all really glad you folks are okay and i'm going to pretend i didn't read the comment from raananamom....

Anonymous said...

if you would carry a sign with ur blog name and site, i assure u no arabs will start up with you.

Anonymous said...

such a relief to hear that everyone is okay...and yes, the Muqata kids are incredible. They have good role models from whom they've learned.

Anonymous said...

This year chol hamoed was dead because no MBD... how can you NOT have MBD singing CHEVRON! on sukot ? thats like the highlight of my year!

Anonymous said...

I am an American who was in Chevron at the time of the shooting. We were in the street and not far from the firing. "We" to include children.

The worst part was not knowing what was transpiring while the soldiers and police ran around in chaos.

The most frightened people we saw were the Arabs.

Question: Why are you guys playing this up as an attack upon the Jewish population and visitors whan the firing was by Israeli soldiers towards the Arabs?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Anonymous 2:07 I think you're confusing 2 different events. At 4:30 PM, terrorist(s) opened fire, and there was zero IDF return fire at all. (That's the event I blogged about).

Around 5:30 PM there was another incident in which a Palestinian kid took out a plastic toy gun and pretended to shoot at soldiers; another Palestinian kid then shot off firecrackers, and it looked to the soldiers like they were being shot at. They returned fire, wounding the first kid and his mother.

Anonymous said...


I am Anon 2:07. I was in Chevron from 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM. The only shooting incident I observed was the "toy gun" incident which took place around 4:20 PM and resulted in well over an hour's worth of army activity. There was calm both prior and subsequent to this incident.

I was able to pinpoint the time since I received a cell phone call shortly after the shooting.

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