Monday, October 15, 2007

The Ultimate Jewish Graffiti in Gaza

Trust me, this is cool.

No, it's not this.
(Photo: Matt Lebovic)

It's not "na nach nachman"

(Photo Abba Richman)

It's not even the Wizards of Oz...

(You'll see, this is totally cool).

Gaza's airport, known as "Dahaniyeh" or "The Yaser Arafat International Airport of Peace" looks rather impressive based on it's webpage.

Truth be told, the airport has seen better days. In it's days of grandeur, the EU pumped millions of Euro into this Palestinian weapons/terrorist/drug smuggling center. Sounds like the sort of airport where security was sort of like this:

(The real clip I wanted to use from "Airplane!" of terrorists running through the metal detector, and then the security guards beat up an old lady who beeps when walking through)...or the "Spinal Tap" airport security clip [
hamayvin yavin])

But I digress.

Seriously though, after the Palestinian Authority continued launching terror attacks at Israel, IDF forces "shut down" the airport -- they bombed and bulldozed it back into the stone age.

Seems like some of the IDF D9 bulldozer drivers have a sense of humor (or at least some nationalistic pride).

(IDF D9 Armored Bulldozer)

Here it comes...

Go to Google's web based satellite maps. ( or use Google Earth) to the location of Gaza's runway.

The coordinates are: 31.237564, 34.271239 -- you can simply enter them in and zoom in.

(Come on, give it a go...)

If you don't want to bother looking it up on your own, keep reading...

I've saved you the trouble; the exact location is below.

View Larger Map

Do you like the Magen David (Jewish Star) bulldozed into the runway?

Zoom out to see it in relation to everything else.

Cool, eh?

hat-tip: Channel 2 News via

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YMedad said...

Why, that's always the signature Israeli jets leave after a bombing run.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...I told Matt the reasoning about A.Z. I guess the truth wasn't interesting....

the sabra said...

so they run us over and u think its cool?

the sabra said...

aaaaaaaaaaaand thanks for the airport security clip--just LAST NIGHT i was looking for it and was a tad frustrated that i couldn't find it.

az todah.

Anonymous said...

I found your cute blog when I was looking for the article on Peres and Streisand (he's a star struck idiot)! Love the runway photo.

The back of the hill said...

Both the runway photo and the security clip are way cool.

therapydoc said...

The video's the funniest.

HolyCityPrayer said...

Thanks for this, J. But especially for the opportunity to pan around a little on Google Maps. I found this and shed a tear.


Anonymous said...

The image can also be on wikimapia:

Anonymous said...

I don't think you'd be that impressed by the sense of humour of Hamas if they bombed Ben Gurion airport in the pattern of a crescent.

It'd be better to have some sympathy for your Palestinian neighbours, rather than mocking them.

Anonymous said...

What a deranged bunch of people you are!

And you still wonder why most people don't support the Israeli 'cause'?

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