Monday, February 04, 2008

Holy Cow! Jameel's

It's not Manilla, but I'm definitely not in Kansas (or the Muqata).

(Waffles with curry is simply disgusting).

More later,

Jameel @ The Mooqata


JoeSettler said...

Don't drink the water!

(I saw that on Seinfeld).

Or maybe it was "Don't use the bathrooms". I don't remember anymore.

Anonymous said...

"Waffles with curry is simply disgusting."

What, don't you like fusion food?

Leggo my curry-flavored Eggo...

Rafi G. said...

we all thought you were the guy from your area arrested for selling arms the other day

Jack Steiner said...

Waffles and curry- That sounds pretty unappetizing.

The back of the hill said...

One the other hand, rumali roti with kadhai gosht sounds scrumptious!

But seeing as the gosht in India is not kosher, have some mirch ka salan or drumstick vegetable instead.

Anonymous said...

"Mooqata"!!! Classic!

- was wondering where you were. Not that I'm complaining: Jack N'Joe are doing a sterling job...

Gila said...

Waffles. With. Chocolate Chips.

Anything else is heresy.

Happy travels!


come running said...

I would've been pretty upset if you visited Kansas and didn't even bother to let me know.

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