Sunday, February 10, 2008

Peace in our Time?

Hebron always has special interest for me. One of those reasons is that members of my extended family were owners there (from time immemorial) until the 1929 massacres. They still know where their homes are, even if they are currently inaccessable and under occupation.

Ha'aretz is reporting that tribal leaders for the 2 largest Arab clans in Hebron met with Settler leaders from Hebron and Kiryat Arba (including Ketzeleh and Elyakim Haetzni) for the purpose of reconcilliation.

It was reported that the meeting was conducted in a "positive atmosphere".

But as a result, the head of one the clans, Sheikh Ja'abri, received a death threat from Fatah's military wing (that would be the one controlled by Abbas the "Moderate").

If I hear more, I'll let you know.

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Anonymous said...

Katzover is k4 and Haetzni has no sway... its like shimon peres meeting the queen of england...

Why should I trust the sheikh's ? so sure they will "make peace" and of course they "do not control the youth" and jews will still be killed.

I refuse to trust any of them ... and dont you outsiders even DARE to tell me about peace till you stick your neck on the line here as I do....

You can rant about Chevron and "violent settlers" all you want but it aint your neck here so hush.

Facts still stands that the arabs continue to desecrate the cemetary's and holy places and attack jews and yada yada yada...

I for one dont and havent ever attacked a arab so this mean jack to me.. on the other hand I wont get within 2 feet of a arab and will go to defense mode EVERY time a arab gets near me...

I am a racist and proud.. i'm also alive.

I dont see why everyone thinks a racist is some hatefull person.. I catagorize by race / religion.. as such I will never trust a arab.

Anonymous said...

But as a result, the head of one the clans, Sheikh Ja'abri, received a death threat from Fatah's military wing (that would be the one controlled by Abbas the "Moderate").

Wow, that's surprising!

JoeSettler said...

Elchonon: "k4"?

What does that mean? He is on the threshold of pre-eclampsia?

Anonymous said...

"en minuy hamelech bli kabalas ha'am" he can say what he wants but that dont transelate to facts on the ground.

Noam arnon was there, I see on He holds weight in the yishuv..

Again, this means nothing really because I still wont trust the arabs.. the jews and arabs got along in 1929 too no?

Maybe some kind of mutual agreement will be reached..

Will the arabs return the property stolen? even so the casbah is off limits to jews.. will the arabs start selling houses to jews ? not happening as fatah etc... will kill em..

Will the arabs stop vandalizing our holy places ? highly unlikely.. theres no mechanism in place that they can control every punk and they will always use a pretext "we cant control everyone"

Will the arabs expell the leftists ? maybe.. but TIPH is here thrue bibi's treason..

Will the arabs stop attacking jews ? plausible at some degree but again.. its not something i'm willing to risk / chance.

Again, I look after the chabad plot which includes the cemetary / kollel etc.. the arabs just steel the metal grating that coverd the whole to the tunnel..

They have time and time again vandalized and desecrated the tzioyon of rabanut menucha rachel, they broke into the kollel erev sukot and destroyed the place, they put a caravan on the cemetary plot which was not removed till keneset members were brought in!

Should I even begin telling you about how many "unreported" times they vandalized the ancient cemetary, kever yishai and ruth..

Or why is it that 2 weeks ago erev shabbat the arabs damaged the power supply in the meara yet no repairs were done ? despite numerous pleading and beggings on the community's behalf to the army..

We davend kabalat shabbat in the dark..

And this is just the small stuff.. which i'm not willing to overlook.. the big stuff like arabs daily stoning us, trying to stab us.. firing into beit hadasah..

Or shooting jameel and his family at the meara.. or stealing the water tank at beit hashalom...

I dont see this as viable.. its only due to this imposed seggergation that we can (to some extent) saftely walk down the streets..

I am going to get the full story..

If they sell me a house anywhere in ir hakodesh chevron.. i'll make peace with em ;) I got my eyes on a few buildings hehe

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