Thursday, August 21, 2008

Post Convention Thoughts

Was fun to see many of you there yesterday.

Comments I received:

"You're alot less scary looking in real life than I imagined"

"Where's your beard? How can you be a settler without a beard?"

"Why didn't you bring waffles with you?"

"You look too young to be your age"

"I don't believe you're really Jameel"

"No yellow smiley? I'm dissappointed"

"Hey everyone (pointing to me) -- THIS GUY'S JAMEEL"

"Why are you anonymous -- is your blog too stupid for you to want to take credit for it?"

"Where's Joe Settler?"

"Is that guy (doubletapper) for real?"

"Can you please explain the waffle thing again?"

"Are you really promoting the DovBear parsha book?"

"How can I get srugim on DVD..."

"I was sure you lived in Beit-El"

Overall, seeing many, many of you was very rewarding, and it was a pleasure. I'd love to link to each and everyone of you in this post, but I'm on vacation for a bit so I have to keep this short for now, but it really was an honor to see you all.

I'll be back.



Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Esther Kustanowitz said...

Enjoy your well-earned vacation. It was really great to finally meet you!!

[PS: the word verification i have to type in order to comment is "maqtuyna" which, I'm pretty sure, means Muqata in Swahili.]

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you and coerce..errr..encourage you to shed the cloak of anonymity, albeit for one evening.

Enjoy your break.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Esther: Thanks -- it was great meeting you as well!

AussieDave: I wont forgive you ;-)

I hope we can all remain in touch.

Commenter Abbi said...

Hmm, what did that "Overall" mean?

And what is your response to Gil's insistence that bloggers aren't a community?

Benji Lovitt said...

Jameel, great to meet you! I am sure we will meet again. Fun night!

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

I'm still disappointed you didn't wear a paper bag. :)

West Bank Mama thinks you look 18 and I agree! Look up boy-faced in the dictionary and there you are, smiling away.

Wasn't it a fab evening?

Batya said...

Afternoon-evening. Why wasn't mincha on the schedule?

On the whole it was very impressive!
Nice to f2f

Risa Tzohar said...

Well, it was like seeing 'the Lone Ranger' without his mask (which actually my husband one did - but that was before Jameel was born). Why does West Bank Mama think 40-year-olds should look old? 40 is very young!

tafka PP said...

Feh. I was much more excited to meet Mrs.@theMuqata... now we await her blog!

Baila said...

I had a ball. And a turkey sandwich. (Bah dah pum).

Anonymous said...

But someone else won the waffle maker... now thats just plian unfair

Gila said...

Nu, I met you, I met Mrs. @Muqata, I have a car...what about them waffles?

Really happy to have finally met you! Hope you and the Mrs. succeed in pimping me out. :P

Jack Steiner said...

Sounds like fun.

aliyah06 said...

Well, you DON'T look 40! It's a blessing! And, uh, yeah, whadaboutdemwaffles? Like Gila, I have a car.

Waffle Party! Waffle Party! Waffle Party!

Seriously, it was great to meet you in person.

Unknown said...

Wow, I actually met the man behind the legend. Was the waffle maker raffel your idea?
I'm beginning to smell a conspiracy...

Lady-Light said...

Hey! Which one is YOU?!

Commenter Abbi said...

I also suspected a conspiracy about the waffle maker- and was disappointed that waffle making/blogging synergy wasn't a panel discussion.

Lion of Zion said...

and the answers to all those questions would be . . .

Lion of Zion said...


"And what is your response to Gil's insistence that bloggers aren't a community?"

you'll have to forgive him, he lives in brooklyn. the whole concept of "community" in any context is completely foreign to us

Anonymous said...

Srguim on DVD? If you know how, you must share!!

Jack Steiner said...

"And what is your response to Gil's insistence that bloggers aren't a community?"

He is simply wrong.

DovBear said...

I thought he was right.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

So many good questions :)

Commenter Abbi: Overall, means that out of 200 bloggers, there were 1 or 2 which left me slightly annoyed.

Gil's comment about community was interesting, and I believe there is something to it. The Jewish "community" is made up of sub sects of communities and those who dont want to be included as well. What connects everyone to Judiasm is that they are Jewish, and in that stops the connection -- Jewish bloggers are Jewish and blog. Whether they wish to be part of a community (or sub community) of Jewish bloggers is their perogative. There may or may not be anything that connects for example, the DovBear and Oleh Girl blogs. Plus, I can understand Gil's comment that not all his readership might not appreciate going to other links in the Haveil Havalim weekly roundup.

That said, were he to moderate the Haveil Havalim roundup, he could pick out those postings on varied blogs that would be more appropriate.

Benji: Yes, this is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship -- waffle fridays coming up soon.

YHSR: a fab evening was had by all.

Risa: Agreed! In the airport, Trep said I had this "scooby doo" sort of walk...I wonder if that was simply youthful animation, or exhausted shlumpiness?

Baila: I hardly ate anyting, but everyone thought the food was great. (my son just added that the roast beef was great..."sof haderechh")

Muse: At the next convention, perhaps the food could all be sponsored by the KCC? :-)

QuietusLeo: It was a please meetng you as well.

Regarding the waffle conspiracy -- now if I had won, THAT would have been a conspiracy.

Any I will be posting for Yisrael Medad's benefit (who won the waffle maker), my wife's award winning waffle recipe.

I was impressed that the raffle giveaway was the EXACT same model that I have.

Coincidence? I think not!

Shabbat Shalom everyone...

(btw - Galei Tzahal has a whole review of the conference this morning on the radio)

Esther Kustanowitz said...

I was just enjoying the word symmetry of "waffle raffle."

Shabbat shalom!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Esther - need your phone number. Can you please email it? Thx...

BTW - I forgot another comment I heard from a reporter:

"Did you choose the blog name, "Muqata" in order to be making fun of the Palestinians?"

Rebecca said...

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Anonymous said...

man, did anyone not notice how that place was so not a reflection of what Israeli society is???!

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