Friday, October 31, 2008

The Federman Farm - Interview

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Anonymous said...


I wonder if white colonialist land-thieves in India or South Africa ever had an opportunity to give a tearful interview after their illegal structures were torn down, the land they had stolen given back to its rightful owners.

May G-d have mercy on Israel - ethnic cleansing is a war crime and all the settlers are thieves who sneak about in the dead of night, stealing from the poor. Burning - BURNING! - the olive groves that have stood watch over this land for uncountable ages.

I pray every day for the people of Israel - that as a nation they are not forced to bear the sins of those few radical extremists who advocate for another Holocaust - the end of the Palestinian people who have lived on this land since the reign of King David.

Anonymous said...

Ooh. A nut job.

Anonymous said...

Its laughable when you spew garbage.. its pathetic when that garbage is a bunch of lies.. its also demeaning to others who have been harmed all over the world.

I live here, I know for fact that the municipality of kiryat arba OWNS THIS LAND!!!

Furthermore, the local council of kiryat arba owns HUGE tracts oif land, alot of which is lived in illegally by arabs!!

The gas station by the main gate in kiryat arba ? we own the land both to the left, right and across route 60!!

We own the fields that stretch from the gas station all the way to the end of ramat mamre "charsina"

Simply put.. kiryat arba can build 500 houses there and have PLENTY of land left over!!

Its a 5 minute drive from charsina to kiryat arba proper and ALL the land along the way is owned by kiryat arba as well as the fields that stretch from ashmerot yitzchak to the main road which encompasses federman's farm and the army base.. including HUGE fields that are in between kiryat arba industrial area and the new house's nofei mamre which are in between the road from charsina to kiryat arba and the old road that went from rt 60 to kiryat arba industrial area.

My g-d SURPRISE!!!! like how dare we legally own land OMG!!!

Mitkanim army base in chevron? owned by chabad (I have seen power of attorney and copies of original deeds) the building on the corner facing the former gas station ? also owned by chabad, stores on the other side of the base and yeshiva ALSO owned by chabad, the "shuk" jewish owned, the property to the left of avraham avinu with your back to abu snineh hill's is owned by jews, the property to the right of mitkanim base is jewish owned including the land on which a mosque stands.

The chabad plot at menucha rachel ? we own double of the area accessible..

There are DOZENS of jewish owned houses and buildings in the casaba.. currently inhabited by arab thief's.. I dont see a word of protest at your end..

We own beit shapira, the 3 story building on the corner of where you turn to avraham avinu..

I will not tolerate these lies and attempts to slander us, the rightful owners of this land! oh and the original owners ? they are buried in the chevron ancient cemetery after having been butchered by our local arabs.. their graves vandalized routinely.. please do tell me where the 20 foot section of the mental fence disappeared to 7 months ago?

Ever heard of nachalat shlomo? its a HUGE tract of land above tel rumedia.. the land stretches hundreds of feet in 2 parts.. We could easily build 4 buildings on this land.. except that the government does not land..

I can go on till tomorrow, just bear in mind, any lie you attempt will instantly be refuted by me..

Lurker said...

Elchonon: ...
I can go on till tomorrow, just bear in mind, any lie you attempt will instantly be refuted by me..

Elchonon -- your intentions are clearly admirable, but I wouldn't waste my time even responding to that sort of wacko. Take a look at the end of his comment where he refers to "...the Palestinian people who have lived on this land since the reign of King David".

This guy is just a raving nutcase (or perhaps some wiseguy troll looking for attention).

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Palestinian People he meant are us Jews, such as my extended family which has lived in Hebron for thousands of years (until 1929 in fact when Hebron was ethnically cleansed of it indigenous Jewish population by the genocidal (and transient) Arab population).

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