Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breaking News: Terror attack between Israel, Egyptian Border

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Massive multiple terror attacks in South Israel. Details below.

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Photo of the second bus hit with either a missile or roadside bomb. Photo: Ariel Chermoni

9:04 PM 2 Arabs with knives apprehended by Eilon Moreh community in Shomron.

Iron dome knocks out 2 Kassam rockets launched at Ashkelon.

7:40 PM Arab with knife caught on the way to terror attack near Sh'ar Sh'chem (Jerusalem).

7:08 PM
2 terrorist leaders of "Popular Resistance" in Gaza killed in IAF strike.

6:55 PM The shooting was another terrorist attack. 1 seriously wounded 300 meters from press conference held by DM Ehud Barak, the IDF Chief of Staff, and Southern Region Commander - while Ehud Barak was saying that Eilat residents should feel safe!

The gunfire was from the Egyptian side of the border.

6:49 PM Shooting still going on down South! In press conference, Ehud Barak said the IDF is still running additional cleanup operation as gunshots were heard.

6:03 PM Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu will conduct a press conference and issue a statement on today's terror attack at 7:15 PM this evening (1 hour, 12 minutes from now)

5:49 PM
IDF: Situation is not final; Civilians should avoid the area; roads 10 and 12 are under military closure, reports of 40 wounded, not 30 as previously stated. Israel's Counter Terror Agency (part of the PM's office) warns Israelis not to visit Sinai.

5:41 PM Palestinians Rejoice at the killing of Jews. Elder of Ziyon reports:

Palestine Press Agency, which is a Fatah-leaning site, has commenters saying

"God praise the [Hamas] Al-Qassam Brigades" (they have not taken responsibility)

"Our Lord is with the heroes"

"[I] call for resistance in the Gaza with rocket fire and suicide bombings and the Glory of God and His Messenger"

"Tribute to the Heroes of each attack and no matter what their affiliation"

"God is great and victory is coming"

By far the most popular comment in the Hamas-oriented PalTimes is "God is great."

Firas Press has a number of "God is Great" comments as well as one referring to the victims as "monkeys."

5:27 PM
It is taking more time than usual to deal with the bodies of the terrorists, since they are apparently booby-trapped with explosive belts.

4:58 PM
A collection of talkbacks from the readers of the "pro-Israel" newspaper, Haaretz, who reported the terror attack today.

"Security forces are investigating whether the incident was a terrorist attack." That's Israel for you. Blame all your troubles on so-called "terrorists."

And what is is called when Israeli's randomly attack palestinian civilians? The IDF's job, security operation, collateral damage? but never 'terror'. Its not hard to see when you read Israeli rhetoric that 'terror' is something that only happens to Israeli's.

Just what the doctor ordered---Israel will try anything to get back the "Victim" status. Anything

it is possible a few radicals amongst the Hamas crowd did this--however--Hamas has agreed to hold this activity until after the UN vote--Israel ias desperate to prevent a Palestinian state and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Killing a few Israel,s is a small price in their minds to pay.

It is Israel's "safety" and "security" that causes these "terrorist" actions! according to Israeli logic this should not be called a terrorist attack, this is a legal attack in a state of war, by militants against organized militants. What goes around comes around Bnei Yisrael!

Israeli officials and the media have talked about an offensive on the Palestinian's statehood bid. The stakes are huge from Israel's point of view. The land they are stealing is worth many tens of billions to them. Lately, Hamas and the other militants have not provided reliable violence. Israel had to take matters into their own hands.

Sevaral dead... The price of occupation, colonization and settling another people's land........

4:56 PM There will be MDA blood donation stations in Jerusalem (Central Bus Station and at the Mashbir in the center of town) from 9 am tomorrow, and at Modiin (at Yishpero Center next to Mega Bul and Aeroflex) from 8 am tomorrow (Friday morning.)

4:54 PM
MDA confirms that the death toll from today's attacks has risen to 7.

Additionally, Two of the murdered are children, aged 4 and 6 who were in a civilian car, targeted by a terrorist-fired RPG.

3:59 PM
Reports that today's terror attack included an attempt to kidnap IDF soldiers. Unconfirmed reports that mortars are being fired from Gaza at the Kissufim area.

3:48 PM
IDF declares terror area in Southern Israel as "closed military zone"

3:46 PM
UN removes all personnel from Gaza, anticipating Israeli military operation. Egypt has closed the Rafiah border crossing to Gaza.

3:43 PM
Hamas in Gaza warns Israel not to retaliate. Hamas terror leaders have gone under-ground anticipating IDF retaliation.

3:40 PM
Reports that IDF initiates "lockdown" -- forbidding all soldiers in Southern Israel from leaving their bases due to ongoing terror threat, except for those involved in combat-related, counter terror or necessary ongoing/operational security related tasks.

3:33 PM
Reports that children are among the casualties in today's attacks. Channel 2 Israel TV is reporting that the "Popular Resistance" terrorist organization in Gaza is claiming credit for today's attack and that 20 terrorists participated. The Popular Resistance organization is aligned with Hizbollah and is also a "terror contractor" for Hamas.

3:26 PM
Soroka hospital in Beersheva has opened an emergency hotline: 1255-177

3:24 PM
Israel Channel 2 TV reports that 7 terrorists have been killed by IDF and Police forces today in today's terror attacks.

3:19 PM Official Statement from IDF Spokesman's Unit:

Combined Terrorist Attacks in Southern Israel

Combined terrorist attacks are currently taking place on Israeli territory, near the Israel- Egypt border, approximately 20 kilometers north of the city of Eilat.

Nine people were injured when terrorist opened fire at an Israeli bus approximately two hours ago. The injured were evacuated to receive medical care at a nearby hospital.

Several people were injured as a result of an explosive device, detonated on an IDF force that arrived at the scene and drove over it.

Crossfire between IDF forces, led by the Commander of the 80th Division, Brigadier General Tamir Yadi and the cell of terrorists is currently underway. Additional IDF and rescue forces are arriving at the scene.

IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant – General Benny Gantz arrived at the Division a short while ago and is currently holding an initial situation assessment.

The IDF calls on the public to avoid the area and allow security and rescue forces to carry out their tasks.

3:18 PM The YAMAM, special counter-terror forces of the Israeli police which responded to the attack today, were reservists from the Eilat area, who were called in as counter-terrorist first responders. At least one rocket was fired by terrorists at IDF Apache gunships who engaged the terrorists.

3:14 PM
In addition to the IDF Chief of Staff and South Regional Command, the Chief of Israel's police has also arrived in Southern Israel to participate in the ongoing counter terrorism activity. Eilat's Yoseftal and Beersheva's Sororka Hospitals have been "freed" from the nationwide doctor's union strike, and all medical personnel are currently responding to work.

3:12 PM MDA is urging everyone who is able, to please donate blood. This morning prior to the attack, MDA was already requesting blood donations, yet in light of the 30 wounded, your donation is now needed urgently.

3:02 PM
As of now, official reports are of 6 Israelis killed (including soldiers/policemen) and 30 wounded. 7 wounded were sent by helicopter to Beersheva's Soroka Hospital Trauma Unit. One of the attacks involved a bomb going off underneath or next to an IDF vehicle, one of the attacks involved an RPG being shot at a Israeli bus from across the Egyptian border. The alleged attack near Rosh Haayin/Elad occurred at the Rantis junction on road 465. The only wounded in that attack was a Palestinian suspect, shot by IDF forces. IDF current investigating shooting sounds heard on the border between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights next to the Druze town of Majdal Shams.

2:49 PM
Shooting heard on Israel-Syria border. No additional information yet.

2:42 PM Update:
6 killed. 30 wounded in multiple terror attacks today.

2:39 PM
Report of shooting attack near Elad (Rosh Haayin). Arab terrorist killed.

2:37 PM
IDF Chief of Staff on his way down South

2:36 PM
Unconfirmed reports of new shooting attack from Egypt at 2:15o PM.

2:33 PM
Police say no attack occurred in Beer Sheva.

2:25 PM
Driver of the first attacked bus (and other witnesses) says terrorists were wearing Egyptian Army uniforms.

2:18 PM
MDA volunteers trapped by gun battle, can't get out.

2:03 PM IDF expecting rocket attacks from Gaza.

1:55 PM
There are still wounded trapped in the firefight unable to get help!
MDA asking for blood donations.

1:50 PM Eilat Airport closed. Missile may have been fired from Egypt.

1:45 PM Manhunt underway for white car with terrorists in it down south.

1:41 PM Israel radio says no explosion in Beer Sheva. Possibly gunfire.

1:36 PM Possible explosion in Beer Sheva. Awaiting confirmation or report.

1:34 PM Unconfirmed: 4 of the 5 dead are IDF soldiers.

1:28 PM Police set up roadblocks around Beer Sheva.
2 dead terrorists confirmed near Eilat.

1:26 PM Attacked bus number was #392.

1:23 PM Apparently 3 (maybe 4) attacks, Anti-tank missiles, mortars, guns and roadside bombs used.

1:19 PM Route 12 closed to all traffic.

1:19 PM Roadside bomb blew up at Philadelphia Zone (Gaza).

1:14 PM Mortars fired at forces dealing with southern terror attack!

1:13 PM MADA in full emergency mode for multiple casualties near Eilat.

1:11 PM Update: 2 children now brought to hospital from attacked car.

1:09 PM Car full of wounded children arrive at IDF roadblock.

1:08 PM Unconfirmed reports of 5 dead in attack.

12:55 PM
In a second attack -- a bus is now on fire, at least one person is in serious condition, and IDF forces and emergency medical forces are responding.

12:54 PM
Reports of another attacks on a bus with 9 wounded.

12:52 PM
Reports of another terror attack in the area. Details to be provided soon.

12:48 PM
Unconfirmed Reports on gun battle between terrorists and IDF helicopters. Israel Police has set up road blocks throughout the Southern Area of Israel.

12:38 PM
Two IDF Warship Helicopters hunting for car with terrorists along highway 12.

12:35 PM
Reports of 7 wounded, 5 moderate 2 light. Three terrorists shot at an Egged bus full of IDF soldliers. The terrorists were in a car, and are still within Israel at this time.

12:32 PM
MDA reports that all the wounded are in moderate condition from gunshot wounds.

12:30 PM
At 12:15 PM today, terrorists opened fire on an Egged bus, traveling on Road 12, North of Eilat. Reports of 6 wounded.

Update coming shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Blood donations - do you have any more info about what is needed, where is possible to donate?

Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

Can you please cite your sources David? Where did you get that the IDF is expecting rockets?

JoeSettler said...

Call 03-5300400

Anonymous said...

The number to call to donate blood in Israel - MDA - national call center (for your area) 1800 400 101

Unknown said...

Nobody is answering the above numbers. According to the recording at the 1-800 number, the blood donation station in Jerusalem is closed for renovations. Any information about where to give blood in the Bet Shemesh/Jerusalem area is greatly appreciated. Many people want to help. THANK YOU!

Unknown said...

OK got through to the 03 number... there will be MDA stations in Jerusalem (Tachanat Mercazit and Mashbir) from 9 am and Modiin (at Yishpero Center next to Mega Bul and Aeroflex) from 8 am tomorrow - Friday morning. Please delete my comment if you think advertising this isn't security wise.

Anonymous said...

Do you know of any places of support from the Diaspora?

Droid said...

Aka, where we can support you from overseas...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Droid: Will post in a couple of hours when I get the info. Check back around 10 PM, Israel time.

thomas said...

what about all the people israel has killed in Gaza today. Any blood for them? or don't they count because they are just Palestinian Untermensch?
Start treating the Palestinians properly please Israel!

JoeSettler said...

Oh you mean the terrorists and their supporters?

blah blah blah

ZoomZoom said...


Go move to Aza

thomas said...

Here in in Europe the word Israel has become a dirty word, This country is associated now with racism and aparthied. People finally are seeing through Israel's lies.

Anonymous said...

how long before this dumb ass antisemite starts a monologue about khazars?

Anonymous said...

thomass said: what about all the people israel has killed in Gaza today.

Not quite, if Gaza isn't an empty, smoking, hole in the ground yet, it won't be enough.

Enjoy your new Eurabia, thomass.

Tali said...

Because of all the info you gave about the need to donate blood, the phone number and location, I went out and did it. I wouldn't have otherwise. You guys get the merit. Tizku l'mitzvot.

breaking news said...

I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.Cheers for the info!!!! & This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you

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