Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School in Israel

Granted, some kids in Israel have already started going back to school yesterday, (some even last week), but the excitement this morning at a local bus stop was palpable as almost 2 dozen parents practically danced when the school bus arrived.

I think a flash-mob of parents dancing when the bus arrived, complete with fireworks and helium balloons would have been the best way to send the kids off to school. It reminded me of this classic commercial:

Even Google Israel's dedicated its webpage this morning to Israel's "Back to School" motif.
Parents: Congratulations on surviving another summer!

Google Israel's personalized "back to school" "Google Doodle" for 2012

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IsraelP said...

Many since the first of Elul - a week ago.

yoni r. said...

You might mean "palpable" rather than "palatable".

Neshama said...

Just to jog your memory, Heart Shaped Waffles

generico said...

The middle school, grades six, seven, and eight, is an educational response to the diverse characteristics of youngsters as they move into adolescence. As such it is responsive to a full range of developmental needs. Educators committed to young adolescents guide their students’ development as lifelong learners and healthy, caring, ethical, and reflective individuals. Middle school students are supported in a variety of ways.

miriamp said...

It really upsets me to see parents happy to "get rid of" their children. yes I look forward to the school year starting, but not because I don't like having my children home! I like the summer too. I like yomtov season but I don't want that sort of schedule every week so I enjoy not-yomtov season too. A time and a season for everything.

Happy back to school!

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