Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who Gained From the Sinai Attack?

I’ve been wavering back and forth on this, but more and more people I’ve proposed this theory to are beginning to say that there might be something to it. Last week’s Sinai attack is still a mystery. A bunch of Palestinian terrorists kill the soldiers of a Muslim Brotherhood run country, all to get 2 APC vehicles with which to attack Israel! That’s very, very strange. The first questions I asked were, who could be responsible, and what might they gain from it? Other than the answer that the Palestinians are crazy and just like killing people (which we know to be true), there’s only one other answer that keeps popping up. At first my friends thought the idea was too sophisticated for them to pull off. But now they’re not so sure. The only group that gains by an Islamic group's attack on the Egyptian army is Egyptian President Morsy and his Muslim Brotherhood. Look what’s happened since the attack: Morsy’s moved heavy armor, fighter planes and gunships into the Sinai – and didn’t wait for Israel’s approval to do so. He plans to keep them there, and perhaps even add more. Morsy’s fired his top officers and replaced them – creating an internal loyalty realignment amongst the mid-level officers, as well as obviously his top level officers. Morsy's officially taken control over the Egyptian army, announcing himself as the Supreme Commander on Egyptian TV (making the Muslim Brotherhood into the Big Giant Head, I suppose). Morsy’s announced he’s reviewing the Camp David Accords in order to change them because Egypt needs full and unrestricted control over the Sinai. That's a lot of convenient fallout from one attack. At every level Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood gain by the Sinai attack, and in fact are the only winners. And that makes them the prime suspects behind the attack. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

That was my first thought. Israel is practically begging Egypt to violate the Peace agreement by sending forces into Sinai. I'm surprised that the commentators haven't raised the possibility.

Meir Bentzion said...

What would israel gain in that?

Yorny Post Mortem said...

Not only that, but Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi can legally have sex with his wife after she dies!

And this is Israel's peace partner?

Neshama said...

Well, at first I thought it was Iran stirring up trouble so that Egypt and Israel would argue over it, leading to increased tension .... and maybe reason to break relations/treaties

However, your analysis is much more clever

Anonymous said...

You have been watching too much 24. Kind of a crazy conspiracy theory.

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