Monday, February 18, 2013

Only in Israel: Bezeq upgrading ADSL customers to 15 MB/s for free!

As if the "start-up nation" wasn't high-tech enough -- Bezek -- one of Israel's national telecommunication infrastructure companies, announced today they would be upgrading all their ADSL customers for free.

Bezeq Infrastructure customers who have up to 4 mb/s download speed lines will be upgraded to 5 mb/s

Customers who have 5 or 10 mb/s download speed packages will be upgraded to 15 mb/s.
The upgrade will be free and automatic.  To take advantage of the upgrade, customers will  need to notify their ISP of the speed increase and pay an additional fee (though minor compared to infrastructure) for the increased bandwidth.

Gotta love this country! :)

hat-tip: Calcalist

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IsraelP said...

Last year, they wanted to upgrade me from 10 to 15. All I had to do was to go to their store and get a new router. (My current router is from them.)

Sounded like more trouble than it was worth.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

IsraelP; The reason for their free upgrade policy is that it takes router capacity into account.

the up to 5 MB/S routers can handle 5 MB, while the newer routers that handle 5-10 MB/S can handle 15 without any hardware upgrades needed.

mindRider said...

Purim joke perhaps?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Doubt it....looks serious.

Anonymous said...

Is Israel that far behind?
I got in NYC with Sprint 4G LTE on my cellphone 25 down.

Rafi G. said...

almost makes me feel like a freier for paying for 15mbps for the past couple of years...

Shmuelp said...

Perhaps this is because I'm an American, but I don't understand. Is the upgrade free and automatic, or do people have to inform their ISP and pay a fee?

Yishkon lvetach said...

How exactly do you notify your Sapak of the fee upgrade? And if the Sapak is Bezeq Beinleumi, do you still need to notify them?

Slickric said...

This is most likely in response to the Antitrust Authority's findings on Bezeq:

Avi said...


In Israel, you pay separately for the physical infrastructure (in this case the phone line) and for the service which uses it (the ISP). Bezeq is the former, and they are upgrading their equipment to give customers (unto) 15 MB on the line. However, to take advantage of that, you have to let the ISP know. Presumably they will want to charge for the additional capacity you will now be using.

Unknown said...

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Josh said...

Israel was touted for several years as one of the countries with the highest ratio of broadband connections, but then we stopped progressing and have fallen far behind the west where 20-30 and 100 were common years ago.

Frankly, Bezeq has done at least a couple of these free upgrades in the past. It saves them money by consolidating many minor speed packages up to the 5m/s

Globes reported that some of the ISPs are allowing customers to upgraded for free and a couple are charging for the upgrade.

Unknown said...

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