Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Refusing Orders.

At what point does an IDF soldier refuse an order? If he's told to eat non-kosher food? If he's told me needlessly do work on shabbat? what if he's told to evict feelow Jews, men, women, children, grandparents, and graves from Gush Katif? Does it make sense that the IDF is supposed to do this? Is this an order that a soldier is expected to follow? Why are IDF soldiers being given this kind of job in the first place?

Because they are an "easy" workforce for the Sharon family to mobilize. Many career soldiers are finding themselves in a huge quandry. They signed onto the army to serve and protect...not evict Jews. Soldiers in the IDF engineering corp didn't sign up so they could blow up shuls. Soldiers in the IDF Rabbinate didn't sign up to dig up Jewish graves.

IAF pilots didn't volunteer, so that the Sharon family would send them to prevent Jewish demonstrators from trying to leave Kefar Maimon...and these pilots have a problem. Most of them are against this whole mess, yet they feel that if they refuse they are throwing away the past years of training, and their future of being EL-AL pilots.

Career soldiers do not want to be a part of this, yet they fear their pension benifits, and have clearly been told: follow orders or no retirement. Follow orders, or the past 15 years you served in the army will disappear.

The Sharon family is severly weakening the IDF, thereby endangering Israel's security. The IDF is the army of the people, and to force such a horrible job upon the army is bad for the army, bad for the country and bad for the entire nation. For those readers who understand Hebrew, here's an interesting video clip.

The Sharon family is weakening Israel's unity and weakening the IDF -- and its all very democratic.

Yet their total and brutal lack of concern for Israel's societal cohesiveness is scary, irresponsible. and just plain evil.



that video was unreal you gotta pass it around

Cosmic X said...

I liked the video clip.

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