Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Time to Pray

Over 150,000 (some say 250,000) Jews packed the old city of Jerusalem last night for the largest Jewish prayer gathering in the Old City, since the destruction of the Second Temple, 2000 years ago. While the "Disengagement" may not be more of a small callous blip on the radar screen of Jews outside of Israel, the unusual combination of Ultra Orthodox, together with all types of settlers and nationalistic religious Orthodox made last night's "atzeret tefilla" all the more unique. Starting from the Jaffa, Zion, and Ashpot Gates all the way to the Kotel, through the shuk -- the Armenian and Jewish Quarters were standing room only. I only managed to get to the top of the stairs in the Jewish Quarter before I could physically not move forward another inch.

I've been to almost every pro-Eretz Yisrael demonstration and Atzeret over the past 14 years, and never have I seen the Old City as packed as it was last night.

With tears running down people's faces, there was a common, collective, unified call to the heavens, for Divine intervention to stop the expulsion plan against thousands of Jews from their homes in the land of Israel. "Aveinu Malkeinu" was read line by line, as the hundreds of thousands answered in prayer, culminating with Tehillim and Shma.

There was a clear feeling of Yom Kippur in the air, as people felt they have done as much as possible to prepare for next week.

Let us merit, Next Week in a Rebuilt Jerusalem.


Anonymous said...


I just started to read your blog. First and foremost, Yashar kochacha for the good work. I agree with everything you write. It's nice to see to hear the issues form this perspective, since, b'derech klal, I only hear the left-wing stuff.

In the unfortunate event that machiach doesn't come by/on sunday, may you have an easy, and more importantly, a meaningful fast.

TRK said...


Am I allowed to pray that whatever happens Hashem brings us peace and tranquility?


tafka PP said...

Echoing TRK. Tzom Kal, Jameel.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I'm planning on their being a seudat hodaya for the coming of Mashiach. Why plan on a tzom?

Besides - here's something interesting to look at.,7340,L-3126125,00.html

Mrs. Muqata is ready to kill me for being on line now, but this idea is fascinating. Maybe not viable, but really has appeal.

Shabbat Shalom - and may we be zocheh to Geula Shelayma.

Oleh Yahshan said...

Jameel - The thing about the Ppl in the Gush wanting to start a new country is Awful, and not for the reason you think. I have been saying for years that if there was another Jewish Country I would move there in a Sec. and now this guy is going to go ahead and do just that! I might have to move down there.

the truth is the Idea is so Crazy it mught just work! The thing is that I don't see the U.N. Buying into this idea and I don't see the Palestinians giving them one sec. of quiet. other than that..

Hopping for a meaningful fast - and if not we can always do what Burg is doing:

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

OY: So why would it be awful? Maybe thats just what we need. A country for Jews, and a country for Israelies. Plus - the new country could say, "And Jerusalem is our capital..." (its not like that would be a declaration of war --- the Palestinians say it every day and no one seems to care).

Burh has been a member of the moetzet kitanei hatorah for so many years, that he doesn't even faze me in the slightest.

May we merit a day of redemption.

Elchonon said...

the kotel prayer was awsome!! but the rally at kikar malchei yisrael was disgusting!! and i told this to everyone who was with me in gush katif, it was a yesha council / sharon plan to lose gush katif. we allready had 15 rallies you think one more will stop it ? yea righttt those 250,000 that were in tel aviv should have been runing thru fields to get into gush katif. p.s. slipping into gush katif was VERY easy. i had to go back to jeru to get clothes the day before they sealed off kisufim and i manged to get in with a HUGE duffel bag of clothes (which i later lost) i was booted out of gush katif twice due to protests held by kisufim and got back in easily 15 min later (ran around the walls came back in by the old kisufim)

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