Sunday, August 14, 2005

Under Siege: Report from Chomesh

We interrupt the regular blog from the Muqata with this special report from Chomesh in the Shomron.

Jameel is currently under siege in Chomesh.

He has asked me (Joe Settler) by phone to keep updating the blog for him until his outside communication lines get cut off.

Sitting in his tent, with his 9 year old daughter, the report just came out, Northern Samaria is officially cordoned off and the deportations will begin within the next few days (G^d forbid).

From his tent Jameel reports he has a stunning view of Israel’s coast, including the Hadera power station, Netantya, Herziliya (including the Herziliya hi-tech park which houses a major segment of Israel’s hi-tech community).

Looking northwards, Jameel reports seeing Jenin, and Afula - just a stone-throw away (or more accurately a Kassam mortar lob away).

Jameel is currently residing in a tent on the lawn of a Chomesh resident, sharing the lawn with 10 other families. Families that came specially from Kiryat Shmoneh, Shalavim, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Ginot Shomron, and even Australia.

His daughter is currently writing a journal of these events, which will no doubt shape her ideas and beliefs in the future. She said she looked to Anne Frank for inspiration for writing this diary.

Jameel has just informed me that there is an emergency town meeting with an important update.

He has to go and we will continue this blog later, until the Sharon family cuts off his outside lines of communications.


Anonymous said...


Good luck.


TRK said...

Please tell Jameel to leave his 9 yr old daughter out of it, poor kid!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

TRK: She had the time of her life, and can't wait to go back.

daat y said...

kol hakovod.
come back safely.

TRK said...

Jameel, she's a kid and doesn't need to be traumatized by all this

Chai18 said...

good luck

JoeSettler said...

8000 people were just thrown out of their homes so far. More today.

Thousands of kids have now been traumatized by the destructions of their homes.

The entire country is traumatized.

But that trauma has brought together the Jewish community.

People who helped out, helped each other, and helped fight it have become stronger for it.

Children whose parents can answer without shame the question of what they did during the expulsion will be prouder and healthier for it.

It is only people who are so desensitized and disconnected from what happened that won't heal completely.

Jameel's child saw a strong community helping each other in its time of need.

Jameel's child saw her father save the life of a heart attack victim in Chomesh.

This is the real world.

She saw her father for the hero he is - that is the image she saw and talks about.

tafka PP said...

How are you doing Jameel?

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