Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jameel's Recommendations for Chol HaMoed

Places Not to go: Yad Yair.

I'm generally not the type to tell you where NOT to go, but I knew this was one trip not worth taking. A few friends called up to go on this family "hike" between Beit-El and Dolev along the "Wallerstein Road", but knowing this road very well -- I advised them against it. Not only is the road adjacent to Ramalla and you are a total sitting duck for a sniper attack, but the IDF clearly didn't want this "outing" to happen. When the IDF tells you in advance that this is dangerous AND from personal experience I can tell you this is one dangerous road, then its not the brightest place to go for a walk with your family. The people that went just looked stupid, fanatical, and obviously - a 17 year old getting shot was the low light. (Baruch Hashem he's OK).

On the flip-side - I DO encourage people to visit Hevron! This event is fully coordinated with the IDF (as it is every year) along with Israel's ministry of tourism and prime minister's office. Why someone decided to put up fake posters that allegedly cancelled the event is beyond me:

The large concert and gala Passover event set to take place in Hevron Sunday and Monday began as planned, despite fraudulent billboard notifications throughout Jerusalem claiming it had been cancelled. (Arutz-Sheva)

Whatever you do - have a great chag -

Moadim l'Simcha!

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ifyouwillit... said...

I was toying with the idea of going to Chevron, as I did last year too, unfortunatly, other commitments mean I won't make it.


you mean Moadim l'Simcha hochbaum

MUST Gum Addict said...

I've been to Chevron twice and concur that it is a wonderful place to visit. If you are lucky enough to get Simcha Hochbaum to take you around, even better.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Well see what we do are a bit stir-crazy.

the sabra said...

any suggestions for the mizkenim in los angeles now?

Lady-Light said...

It's a trifle late, but (in response to your 'Moadim le-Simcha'): "Chagim u'Zmanim le-Sasson!"

I just discovered your blog. I like it. I too, have a blog.
Please visit.
Shavua Tov,

p.s. what is a "Muqata"?
and, [to paraphrase] "mi hayah Baruch Jameeli?"

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