Monday, April 24, 2006

The MEME of A through Z.

Who is Jameel @ The Muqata? Find about a bit more via this A-Z MEME. I was kindly tagged by Ezzie before Pesach (Erev Pesach, what the *&^%$ were you thinking?), and now by Erica after Pesach. I MEME-snubbed a certain blogger, (who wants to remain anonymous) a few weeks back, which is a sore point so here's the name up in lights: ANONYMOUS BLOGGER (happy now? That should get you TONS of hits) And of course, I was MEME tagged by Chana a while back and missed thanking her. We can all wish her a big mazal tov on her acceptance to Stern and a well deserved Academic Honors Scholarship (and her decision to attend!).

So here it is, the A through Z MEME.

Accent: American! My Hebrew sounds American no matter what. I really try with the “rolling rrrrraish”, but it will never sound authentic. *sigh* My English is softly accented Eastern United States with mild hint of Bronx twang.

Booze: The best whiskey I ever had was at my friend’s daughter’s Bat Mitzva. I forgot what it was called, but it was a great single malt scotch. No blends for me…just aged single malt. Then again, I think I drink less than 6 times a year and I'm not really big on booze. For wine, I definitely choose Zinfandel, and from grapes grown only in Israel, thank you.

Chore I Hate: vacuuming the carpeted steps of the Muqata. This vies with taking the car to the mechanic or the annual dreaded Israeli car inspection. For a taste of hell, I recommend it. (blink right, blink left, high beams, turn and cough...)

Dogs/Cats: No thanks…my kids want a dog…and they can keep dreaming…we already got them a rabbit for an afikoman present a few years back...but the following year they asked to get RID of the rabbit as an afikoman present.

Essential Electronics: My Laptop with WiFi and DSL. A MARS for my M16 is definitely a useful electronic gadget to have.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne:
Err, none. Recommendations?

Gold/Silver: My wife overdosed on the tri-color gold jewelry that I kept buying her. (It was my fault). I like silver I guess...silly question. Next!

Hometown: Like Bruce Springsteen, I was born in the USA. Israel is home, though. Really. Even if there are plenty things I miss about the US...Entenmanns, Sundays, Friends, Family, Democracy...and good radio with songs from the 80's.

Insomnia: Never an issue. I can sleep standing up or contorted into a pretzel with a screaming baby a foot away from my ear.

Job Title: High Tech “ganenet”

Kids: Yes. Less than 10. More than 4.

Living Arrangements: The Muqata Compound boasts a huge complex of bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. But you can’t use the hot water simultaneously in any of the bathroom showers.

Most Admired Trait: Walk & chew gum at the same time...most of the time.

Number of sexual partners: This is a family, PG-13 blog and my oldest kid reads it sometimes. Or was I supposed to write "one"?

Overnight Hospital Stays: I think I was once hospitalized overnight for a suspected appendicitis when I was 11. In the end, I may not have slept over. However, I have been to the emergency room with my kids at all hours of the night…croup…suspected rocky mountain spotted fever…plastic bead in an ear….snail shell up the nose….you know, everyday kid stuff.

Phobia: Yes. But I’m too scared to write it on my blog.


“Yes, I’m going to work in Jerusalem tomorrow, and you can have a ride…and I’m leaving anywhere from 7:15 to 9:30….maybe”

“When are you making aliya?”

Religion: With a name like Jameel, isn’t it obvious?

Siblings: Yes. And they read this blog. Again, PLEASE don’t tell our parents about the blog, please? Just try…I’m begging you.

Time I usually wake up: 5:30 AM onwards.

Unusual Talent: none. I’m not unusual (and to all those laughing now…blech on you)

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Eggplant. I’m allergic to them. (As the Mrs. @ The Muqata smirks away…yes, I’m also allergic to peanuts…)

Worst Habit: Without a doubt, procrastination. I’ll do it tomorrow…

X-Rays: I have real night-vision goggles – does that count?

Yummy Foods I make: Nuke-a-burgers. I can grill chicken for shabbat on our outdoor gas range, which tastes pretty decent.

Zodiac Sign: Not telling.

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Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Jerusalemcop said...

oh...NOW I know who you are ;)


P.s. you had a freudian slip in dog/cats - you said your kids wanted to get rid of the rabbi, not rabbit

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

JCop: What gave it away? The Bronx twang or the night vision goggles?

Oh, and thanks about the Rabbi comment. fixed. (neutered?)

Jerusalemcop said...

i wont even comment on that ;)

it was the night vision goggles and the MARS for your M-16


StepIma said...

silly rabbi, trix are for kids :)

I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I needed to type it.

ifyouwillit... said...

Great Meme, if only we had that sort of info before the Purim Parody ;)

Ezzie said...

What, you didn't have time Erev Pesach? What were you so busy with?

And what's this post I missed about deleting the blog?!!?!?

JJ said...

Whaddaya mean you won't reveal your zodiac sign? You'll reveal something as personal as your eggplant allergy but not your zodiac sign? LOL

So it seems I've been tagged....OK, I'll try to do it in the next few days (no promises, though!)

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that the food you miss the most from the US is Bagels. :)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

KookyMDfriend: Wow...that was so long ago, Ive forgotten what good bagels taste like.

RRamblings: The Mrs. doesn't believe my eggplant aversion is a real alergy, and that I'm just acting hypochondriatic.

Ifyouwillit: Consider yourself tagged :)

Rebecca: Thanks!

Ezzie: Yeah, thats what my wife was wondering as well...

StepIma: Could it have been the rabbit scene in "Search for the Holy Grail" that turned my kids off of rabbits?

Scraps said...

Woot! I've been tagged! :-D

Anonymous said...

What I hate about america most is sunday!!! I dont get it, we got thursday night in israel then shabbat to lounge around...

YET if i need to go to the store after 5pm on sunday in the US dream on boy they are CLOSED.

BTW in 3 years in israel i lost my american accent 100% to a point that when i speak engrish i sound like a israeli WTF!?!?!

y'all wana check out dat pimped up set o wheels ? :)

Lady-Light said...

Great A-Z MEME, Jameel!
And just to think that three days ago I had no clue what an 'A-Z Meme' was!
Also, nice 'repartee' going between you & JCop.
With regards to your M-שש עשרה , I felt REALLY GOOD when I was visiting Israel just this past Nov./Dec., walking around Yerushalayim flanked by my two sons, one with his M-16 on the left and the other with his hand-gun on the right. REAL GOOD. That's why Rav Kahane (z"tzl)formed the JDL. We Jews need to be בקיעים בתורה וגם בגבורה . It's the 'gvurah' part we haven't had for thousands of years...
BTW - מי היה ברוך ג'מילי ??

Lady-Light said...

Jameel, forgot to ask -
what is "The Muqata"? (Please forgive my ignorance).
כל טוב

Search the Muqata


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