Sunday, April 23, 2006

Start off your week with a "Blech": Camel Milk Chocolate

As I've reported on this topic before, according to the CIA worldbook, Israel has one of the lowest chocolate consumption rates of chocolate per capita in the Western world.

Hopefully, the latest news in the chocolate world will not make it to our shelves here in the Promised Land.

"Camel Bar" chocolate -- made from the milk of camels (excuse me while I puke), is apparently on its way to being sold in stores around the world...and I hope that Israel's Middle Eastern locale and centrality to the camel kingdom will have no effect on the (hopefully, non) arrival of this product in Israel.

No, it's not kosher in the slightest either -- as we just read in this past week's parasha, that camels (and their milk) aren't kosher.

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Sarah Likes Green said...

ew. so glad it's not kosher.

interesting about chocolate consumption in israel. wonder why it's not more? max brenner originates in israel... maybe they need to keep more for themselves instead of exporting so much! (i'm not complaining though!) and how can anyone go past a choco b'sakit (in a bag)...although i'm not totally sure that counts as actual chocolate!!

JoeSettler said...

Strange that chocolate consumption is so low. I always thought chocolate was an Israeli staple food the way they amply spread it on bread every morning (and dinner too).

tafka PP said...

Sarah, Joe- Can I just clarify that neither Shoko nor Chocolate spread are Chocolate. They are random products which contain some chocolate flavouring. Thank you.

And as for the Camel stuff- can't come up with any puns, alas. I won't be trying it any time soon either. Urgh.

Sarah Likes Green said...

purple parrot: it's been a while since i've had either so i wasn't completely sure but i think you are right!!

bec said...

i can personally guarantee that as of summer 2007, chocolate consumption in israel will begin to increase sharply.
and camel milk? blecchh. i mean, can you imagine the amount of camel saliva one must endure to even get close enough to milk a dromedary? ewwwww.

JoeSettler said...

But it says "chocolate" on the label as I pass by it in the supermarket.

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