Thursday, March 15, 2007



Fellow blogers. Something awful has happened. I was not sure of this before, but now I am.

Jameel has been kidnapped. How do I know this? I have for a few days now smelled foul play at hand. I made some phone calls in the east coast and related my concerns to a few of my sources there. In no time they were out looking for Jameel.
My sources found a strange parked car in Flushing NY. Before they could approach the vehicle to check it out, a couple of people showed up and my men had to flee and the car sped off...but not before they were able to snap this picture (in night vision ofcourse):

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no denying it now, Jameel has been kidnapped. He looks pretty beaten up too the poor shmoe. I dont know why or by whom. But I will find out.

Now that I think about it, I think Jameel new something was up. Why else would he send me an invite to guest post at the Muqata a couple of days before his disapearance? He knew he could trust me, that if anything went wrong, I would help.

Well, I'm a coming buddy. Hang on tight. The Holy Hyrax is on his way.

Wherever you are Jameel, can I have your stereo?


Sarah Likes Green said...

oy vey.

Unknown said...

This may require your getting on a (gasp) plane...

the sabra said...


and im literally laughin out loud from the 'wherever' signoff

u funny, hyrax
(though from someone INSANE i don't know how much that's worth..)

Anonymous said...

plane??? pssshhtt Jamee isent worth THAT much.

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