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To the list of things I find confounding about our religion let me add this: Every shabbos morning after the musaf kedusha there is, in our shul, a mass exodus of men going to the alcove to fetch their hats and shtreimals. These men have, for the most part, used a talis to cover their heads until this point, but following kedusha this mode of covering seems no longer acceptable. Suddenly, hats and shtreimals are needed. Can anyone explain why?

(I asked someone about this last week. He said (with a shrug), "This is what you do," and added that one shul auctions the privilege of bringing the Rav's shtriemal to him. Last year, it brought in $15,000.)

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Holy Hyrax said...

What the!!!??????

Dovbear on the Muqata???

Oy, all of a sudden I felt an eery chill.

Anonymous said...

Yishayoh Ha'Novee said (regarding Shabbos)
"vi'Cheeba'di'to May'assos Di'roche'cho" (in the Haftoroh which we read on the morning of Yom Kippur: Yishayoh: Chapter 58: verse 13.)

The Gemorroh and Shulchon Oruch state that "vi'cheeba'di'to" refers to wearing special clothing on Shabbos.
(Please forgive me for not remembering the page or chapter numbers.)

Based on this "directive",
it became customary in certain Yekkisher and Chassidisher communities (without any special correlation between the two) to put on their special Shabbos hats for the latter part of the Shabbos morning dovening.

Even though I am not from a Yekkish or Chassidish community and I don't follow this custom, I have been taught by my own Rebbe'im that it would be wrong to "make fun of" such an important Minhag (which has been followed for numerous centuries).

Cosmic X said...

Hats, shtreimels, DovBear?

Talk about illegal outposts!

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

I didn't get this one. I'm so ignorant when it comes to Judaism that this isn't a post I feel I can contribute to...

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