Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Driving Insurance on Shabbat

While insuring your car here in Israel is far from inexpensive, it's cool that all sorts of clauses help bring down the costs. As religious Jews, we don't drive on Shabbat or Chag (unless it's within the scope of emergency EMT response for Magen David Adom/Hatzala, or IDF kitat konenut CTU response).

Therefore...we have this clause in our insurance that keeps our premiums a bit lower. (After all, if we drive 1/7th less than the average driver, why shouldn't the insurance premium be lower?)

It is hereby negotiated, that regardless of what is previously stated in this policy, the [insurance] company will not be liable to pay compensation for any accident, loss, damage or debts that occur or result during the time when this insured vehicle is driven on Shabbat or Jewish Holidays, when it is forbidden [by halacha] to drive from the start [of Shabbat/Chag] until the time when [Shabbat/Chag] is complete, according to the times stated by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, unless the driving is for "pikuach nefesh" (risk of life). In exchange for the above, this policy will be reduced according to the "Not Driving on Shabbat and Jewish Holiday" clause.
I guess such a policy could exist elsewhere on the planet; anyone know if it does?

PS: Yes, I know I've been away from blogging for a while...but for good smachot, etc. Will try to get back in the saddle (I have missed blogging).  

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Anonymous said...

My policy is not like that - how much will I save if I move to that policy? Also, do all the companies do this, or do I need a specific company?

Sarah Likes Green said...

that would be useful.
my insurance policy doesn't cover a 'non-driving' day.

Anonymous said...

All the companies will have this option. However, depending on the type of coverage you get (student, etc)- it might not be available.

Also, FYI for all the chutznikim who come to visit, most car-rental companies will also not charge you for shabbat (if you're shomer-shabbat), depending on how many days you rent for.

Anonymous said...

mazal tov! hope it was great. yehi ratzon sheyirbu smachot biyisrael.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. Is there any evidence that Shabbas observance decreases total driving time and not just a reorganization/ordering of the same activity?

No American insurer would go for this nonsense.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Anonymous: "this is stupid"

Stupid? Sounds like Statistics 101 to me.

There are accidents every day of the week. If you drive 1/7th LESS, than the statistics work in your favor, that there's less of a chance of being in a car accident.

If it's nonsense, then why would this policy be offered by almost every insurer in Israel? They aren't out to LOSE money on silly policies.

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